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Love For Learning

Falling in love with learning
Again. I wish to learn like a pro.
I know that this thing I learn today
Will become stale in some time too.

Preparing For Vanaprasta

Have moved to the Ashram now.
It feels different in my heart a lot.
I can feel the energy that is vibrant
And also how my heart talks to me.

Karma Yoga For Peace

Stay detached. Yet keep working.
This seems to be the challenge today.
Glad Gita talked about scenarios
Thousands of years ago for guidance.

Give Love A Chance

I realise the beauty of love now.
Love is so powerful than ever before
Nothing comes close to the love vibe
Everything merges finally into love.

Closing Down Of Ego Zones

Evolution is all around me these days
My body and my mind is changing.
So does change touch my loved one
We are evolving to be lighter and subtle

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