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You Taught Me

You taught me how to love
You are my first love

The long nights and days

I Miss You Dear Amy

A charm bracelet a chain
Chain is broke, bracelet found
I will never stop loving you
My dear dear friend Amy

Did You Know?

Did you know you’re still on my mind?
When I close my eyes
When I see the places we claimed to love each other
When I see your face

No Matter What Happens

No matter how much happiness a day bring me
I still go to sleep with tears in my eyes
Because while I was being ‘happy’
All I could do was think of you


Why would you take it all away?
How could you build me up so high
Just to tear me down

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Best friends with one of the best poets you will ever meet (Kim Childress) not big on writing, but giving it a shot

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