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power cut and I

we have become

Mom I want to take a break

from my life,

Endless you are, in my
vivid memories.
entwined in my thoughts, your dream is now
rising in me.

naraz si lagti hai zindagi
rooth kar tum gaye ho jabse
kosti rehti hoon khud ko us galti ke liye
sonchti rehti hoon us jaldi ke liye

When I was a little girl,
I was happy all day.
Papa called me his, little angel
Mama pampered me all day.

Christmas is near

and with Christmas is here

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power cut and I

we have become

unrivaled companions

no need to wipe

tears flowing incessantly

and I can breathe


daunting life

now is more serene

and tranquil

so much space

and I can breathe

lit the only candle

on the dinner table

such a blissful night

trying to read

hundreds of words

written over your face

and I can breathe

your signature Armani cologne

is asking me a hug

but deep wet eyes

playing hide and seek

you don't like changes

such a blissful night

and I can breathe

music of cutlery


with our breathes

creating perfect


dancing between us

is a candle light

such a blissful night

and I can breathe

my old wall clocked

ticked 9

light of these lamps

almost made me blind

on the dinner table

is a dead candle

and the food

that needs re-heating

I can see everything

but you are not in my sight

where I'm now

or where was I?

each nook and corner

sparkling and colorful

but nothing looks beautiful

my blissful night has already

bidden me bye

and I can't breathe

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