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I'm not writing this cos I'm a dreamer
It's for a cause to throw some beamer
If you read this do think once, may be twice
If you want peace, we need to organize

Oh my dear! Oh my dear!
Bidding adieu I'm going to rear
May you all have great time ahead?
Wishing you all A Happy New Year

In the middle of chilly dark night
Lost in vicinity of darkness
Earnestly waiting for a dawn
I saw someone at my back

Real world was distinct, most acted good
I got noticed wherever I looked
In this virtual world, nobody cares
Dead I am now, nothing is shared

My day starts, with castles in the air
I sit at the mirror and do some prayer
I see some face not alien to me
I wonder if that's real me

Life is a mystery, let's make it a history.
Life is gem; let's play it as a game.
Life is fuss, let's live it in hush.
Life is a journey, let's not forget the felonies.

Down the road of life people change a lot
Money makes them crazy thus causing a clot
Whenever i get this notion into my mind
I go red with anger and loose my shine

All are equal at your feet
You can hear the call of a lonely heart
Oh god! yet, why this suffering?
The path are lost enveloped in darkness

The spark fell at the right places
and set the entire forest ablaze
They forgot everything else
and got totally engrossed

If i ever refuse to shine,
Their pampering i remember and all gets fine

If i ever fall somewhere down the lane,
Their arms i remember and forget all pain

Sometimes you meet someone along the way
And it breaks your heart when they go away
Eyes demand tears; it's hard to disobey
And believe everything's gonna be OK

I don't promise that I will bring stars down on your feet
But at least, I can always create a stellar ambiance around you.

I don't promise that I will always follow your footsteps
But at least, I can always preserve your footways.

I was true not a liar
Getting you in life was the only desire.
I tried my best to make you mine
Only thing you wanted was; glitter and shine.

We say with a broken mood, there goes your wedding bell
there goes your innocent smell, we hope that life treats you well

With words to spell, everything is out in a nutshell

God didn't gimme much of mind
But someday i will grow up and glow with shine

God didn't gimme much of power

Going away from her seems like pain
I make her close and try to refrain
She being beautiful makes me crazy
I find no surprise when all goes hazy

People are going away, making me drain
Nobody stands by side, all try to refrain
When I follow them, they call me insane
I put my efforts, not to cause pain

Down the road of life we meet strangers

Some are aliens, some have names

Going away from seems like pain
I wanna fall on her like a holy rain
She being beautiful makes me crazy
I find no surprise when all goes hazy

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Hi, I'm a naive writer having deep inclination towards poetry. I'm here to learn, explore, and hone my skills. Straight from heart, these are my own thoughts and stories. A mixture of my compositions put together; to give my readers an ecstatic feel...I love writing poems on Love, Life, dreams, and Hopes. Let's hopw that you enjoy my cook ups. Follow me on Twitter @kishor2489)

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Let's Act Rebel

I'm not writing this cos I'm a dreamer
It's for a cause to throw some beamer
If you read this do think once, may be twice
If you want peace, we need to organize

When I look at the globe it sounds boom
But people are hungry, running for zoom
They do everything be it good or bad?
World is getting dirty we all are trapped

Life has taught us lot many acts
Good things exist to keep us on track
But we all are thirsty for sex and blood
Innocents are dead they can't even shrug

We all have onus in our name
Let's act rebel, forget about fame
The gal is gone but time has not
Bullies should be hanged tight with knot

She must have screamed crying in pain
Begged predators, while she was drained
Her agony didn't shake their monstrous soul
They slashed her organs, to attain final goal

She must have felt so cheated and so alone
She must have thought about her lost crown
She couldn't talk to anyone anymore on this
Even beloved be ashamed and won't love this

She is a statistic for a heinous crime
She is everywhere from roads to shrine
Some might say this kind of rape isn't as bad
Her rapist are free instead being dragged

No one wants to discuss this rape.
No one wants to put it for talk.
No one wants to admit the blame
All are busy playing wicked game

We gather in protest for day or two
Then let go anger which makes pimp true
Globe is getting brutal in from of our eyes
We need to demolish this with all our voice

Dictators are king, we are scums
This is all because we keep mum
We need to rise up, put some light
Take the vengeance, prove our might

Media-educated drones are active for TRPs
Cannibals are treated more like artist
We all are puppets that's the only reason
Slaughterers are on streets not in prison

Political parties are dumb, deaf and so fake
Promises are fictitious and only for namesake
We need to gather and pose true threat
Hooligans wouldn't be dead if we act straight

Dark eyes on us are trailing from behind
We never see them as they speak divine
By raising a voice we can just yelp
Swords will do things and bring us help

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