Ramesh T A Kiss Poems


Romantic adventure lies in taking up challenge to express one's calibre
But not in simply criticizing sans reason or rhyme like Don Quixotic way;
If one has to be dominating others, one should be authoritative by framing laws
And acting accordingly to prove one's capacity, capability and ability to all!

Kiss Is A World Culture!

Kiss is the expression of love one shows to another one;
Kiss is the appreciation of one to another one as praise;
Kiss is a mark or seal of love one makes to another one;
Kiss is the expression of heart unique among humans ever!

Kiss Strengthens Bond Of Love!

Beauty of lovely person surely, when happens to be
A beloved one, makes one to hug and kiss to show
One's natural love of emotion free from heart ever!

The Panacea Of Passionate Kiss!

Kiss is a rare expression of love one gives to another one;
Thereafter exchange of kiss becomes usual courtesy in life;
Embrace and kiss between soulmates continue as hand shakes
Between friends wherever and whenever they meet before talks!

A Human Kiss For A Natural Work Of Art!

A human kiss for a spontaneous work of art is the best praise
One can get whether others make an artificial comment or a
Very bitter criticism out of envy or jealousy for all ever..!

Only Flying Kiss For Love Now!

Reciprocation of words of love is possible between lovers;
Kiss is the response to words of love among humans ever;
I had only flying kiss from my favourite one longtime ago;
But even if we meet in Corona time only flying kiss is now!

A Kiss Of Love!

Love is evergreen though seasons change;
Love is blue if there is no change of season!
Rainbow comes only when sun and rain come;
Romance flourishes only when lovers meet!

A Sweet Taste Of Love Kiss!

Red rosy lips of a lady can ever be fail to kiss sweet;
Sweet kiss is the reward for a beautiful picture he has
Depicted the beauty of desire on the lovers day sure...!

An Act Of Love By Hug And Kiss!

Embrace and kiss are an act of love towards others;
Voluntary performance of love is better than custom;
In royal society, such practice has changed to hand kiss
Due to infection of disease affecting the health of all!

Value Of Kiss!

Only feelings of love kindle one to kiss one in life;
Such a one could have won the heart of another one
By one's character, personality, ideas and works good
With a sincere heart, mind and soul since long sure!

Kiss Token Of Love!

A token of love

Impression of kiss is placed

A Passionate Kiss!

Passionate kiss

Makes one forget the world

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