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Remember your first Fourth of July
And watching the fireworks light up the night blue sky
Or your first Halloween
And everything seemed so scary and mean

Hatred, It has a reason, but shall never be said

Hatred, It makes you want certain people dead

Nightmare, Is just a little midnight scare

Nightmare, It gives evil a chance to glare

There was a man who had a little house on the prairie
There he had raised his family
As he was down the hill, something screamed
It came from his house, it seemed

Now it's coming to the end of the school year
Where some people will shed a tear
Now hopefully some of these friends
Will stay together till it ends

Just sitting here waiting
And not really concentrating
Then BOOM! something explodes by the door
And everyone just hits the floor

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I'm 14 and I always liked making poems because I thought rhyming was fun. I started doing poems for school in 6th grade and wasn't reslly good. Then in 7th grade I don't really remember doing them. The 8th grade is when I started making poems just for fun and school. I made, to me, my first poem which was 'Nightmare' I thought of it randomly and wrote it down so I couldn't forget. My second which was 'Hatred' I made up right after I got into an argument with a friend of mine and I was really in the mood for it. My third which was 'Little House on The Prarie' I made up for a school assignment and it really showed everyone in my class how good I was (*Note* I was posting these on Facebook, but not everybody saw it in my school) . My fourth one which was 'Pain of War' was another one I made for school. My fifth one which is my best and most charished to me is 'Just One Big Dream' I made up in the middle of the night. It took me two hours to do it and actually made my mom and a few friends cry because, this is their words, it was so good. I got that idea because I like dreaming all the time and I've always wonder if life was just a dream and if we would wake up ever. My fifth which was 'School Year End' I got from it being the school year end for me and most others so I made that up. That poem made a few of my friends cry and I felt a little bad for doing it, but they said it was ok it just reminded me to charish these last few days with my friends.)

The Best Poem Of Koby Moore

Just One Big Dream

Remember your first Fourth of July
And watching the fireworks light up the night blue sky
Or your first Halloween
And everything seemed so scary and mean
Or your first Thanksgiving
Where evryone was happy that they were living
Or your first Christmas gift
And when you saw it, it gave you an emotionally happy lift

Remember your first birthday
Where you could have one wish, and what it was you couldn't say
Or your first day of school
Where you thought it was fun and cool
Or your first crush
And every time they would talk to you, you would blush
Or your first friend
Always saying that this friendship will last till the end

Remember your first realtionship
Where you tried holding it together with every last grip
Or your first kiss
You went for it and it was a total miss
Or your first fight
Where you thought you would come out alright
Or your first funeral where a loved one died
Where you sat by the grave and cried

Remember when you first got married
And you promised that you'd be next to eachother when buried
Or your first child
Where you thought they'd grow up crazy and wild
Now you are sick
And you just got news that you would die quick

But right before, you die you wake up
And you get up really abrupt
You can't remember a thing
And you think till your ears ring
Isn't it hard to seem
That your life was just one big dream...

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