Hatred Poem by Koby Moore


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Hatred, It has a reason, but shall never be said

Hatred, It makes you want certain people dead

Hatred, You think of it in your bed

Hatred, It gets bigger and bigger as it's fed

Hatred, It fills every area inside your head

Hatred, It brings you down like a weight of lead

Hatred, It fills your mind with a lot of dread

Hatred, There are reasons as I've read

But the reason for hatred shall never be said...

Kieran J96 15 June 2010

nice poem, describes aptly how hatred feels and what it does to you

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Craig Mize 15 June 2010

I like that keep up with the writing. You described hatred so well in this poem to be so young and to write on such an important topic

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Lesly Dee 18 June 2010

I see your overall idea on how hatred affects you, i like the concept. Try less repetition on the next one, but good job!

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Talia Torres 17 June 2010

Greatttt Job i love it!

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Tayler Bailey 16 June 2010

heey, just read your poems. :) they are really good. and dont worry im new here to and YOUR POEMS ARE AMAZING! ; D

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Stephanie Carr 15 June 2010

Hey, you messaged me wanting to know if I could read some of your work and don't worry I'm new here too but I wanted to say wow your poem is really good! XD

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Will Althen 15 June 2010

You seem to have some unnecessary lines that you wrote just to make the poem longer and it kind is redundant by the end. Maybe you could get more figurative and paint hatred in an unusual way. Check out my poems please! !

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Koby Moore

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