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Perfect size, perfect point
time to put down this joint.
Slowly sliding it across my skin
the pain is ready to begin.

Rain flowing down my cheeks
hearing nothing but painful shrieks.
Dark shadows garding the exit
with nothing to do but forfeit.

My love for you is unwanted
but by you i'd be haunted.
Embrace me in your arms
and give away your persuasive charm.

You keep me safe while i sleep
you are something i want to keep.
You are snuggly, soft, and warm
you protect me during the thunderstorm.

When you said forever, i believed you
thinking that our love was true.
Blinded by how much i loved you
the lies you told, i never knew.

You had me at hello
so soft and sweet like a marshmallow.
When i first said i love you, you were scared
I thought you would loathe me with such dispair.


To my mommy: D

I will always be your little girl, no matter how old i get
i will always be here for you so dont fret.

Walking past them i hear them whispering things only a sinful person would say
feeling as if i was their prey.
Questioning my presence every day
wondering if i should go or stay

Growing up we would always fight
thats how we would always end the night.
I know i dont respect you as much as i should
but i guess thats just sisterhood.

You lie, you cheat, you steal
with the devil you made a deal.
Save your breath, nobody wants to hear your voice
and yet you act like you have a choice.

She crys everynight just to drown her fear
waiting for her mind to clear.
Feeling all alone in this scary place
wishing she could go back to the dreams she use to chase.

You left when i needed you most now only your memory remains.
I went to that place by the lake and sat on our brown weak bench
listening to the tide i hear your voice i listen again closely but no noise
i look down to see not only me but you, i rub my wet damp eyes and look again closely but its just me

I wanna know what it feels like to be in a lovers arms
i want to experience his precious charm.
I wanna hear his heart beat only for me
to my heart he has the key.

Weeping willow hide my tears
and chase away my fears.
Help me use these wings to fly away
because my life is soon going to decay.

The taste of you on my lips
makes you very hard to resist.
With your hands all over my body
makes me feel very naughty.

Baby look in my eyes
and tell me the truth of your lies.
I'm tired of the games you play
honeslty i am not okay.

The love we share is magical
even though we're just casual.
When you look in my eyes my heart surrenders
My love for you is very tender.

Crying myself to sleep every night
living in dreadful fright.
Hearing them fight i plug my ears
and wait for the painful fear.

Bright sunlight coming threw the trees
welcoming this amazing breeze.
Surrendering all my thoughts and crimes
listing to the calm sounds so kind.

Koti Bri Biography

Hiya, my name is Koti and i am in love with the man of my dreams. Im 13 years old, born 4-24-95. I like alot of things starting with chocolate i love chocolate, cartoons, ice cream, my cell phone, my friends, writting, reading, being a random dork, eyeliner, going places, taking picturs, movies, sleeping, and my family. I dislike being called Katie, being lied too, backstabing people, being cheated on, my ex-boyfrieds, spinish, prum juice, skirts, and posers. I probly forgot some things to put in those lists so yeah. I have tried to kill myself more than once and i have cut myself. I have been to two hospitals, the first one was for 4 days the second for 5. I have learned that life is actully a great thing, and yes bad things happen but we can get through them no matter how big. I want to be a writer/photoagrapher when i get older, im going to try to get into Yale. Im a very good girl, i just do bad things. My favorite band is linkin park, favorite song by them is leave out all the rest. I listen to all different kinds of music though. I love the color green. My brother is my hero, i look up to him about everything. I want to have 2 kids, one named zeke..the other cody or codie. I hope to be famous with my writing and be able to support my family. Im pretty fun to be around.I have a very open personality.)

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Bleeding Pain

Perfect size, perfect point
time to put down this joint.
Slowly sliding it across my skin
the pain is ready to begin.
Blood drips down my wrist
very warm and crisp.
Looking down to four scars, I feel satisfied
sitting here wondering if i should bide.
Feeling better than before
with my heart hurting down to the core.
Knowing it's over i lie down
then across my face comes a frown.
Relizing what i've just done
thinking that depression has won.
Wishing i could start over
but im not as lucky as a four-leaf clover.
At least its over with i say
ready for a whole new day.

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