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In the journey of life
your love is like a bus
I will wait for you sometime
If you don't come, then

I started dreaming by seeing the sky
Let it say no to, until then I will not
Because I was jumped into the ocean of dreams
I will cross the ocean someday by attaining my dream

Some love stories start sweetly with the words,
'We will be forever together'
And end in break up bitterly…</3

On this great day of your life,
you may get
Blessings from your parents,
Gifts and compliments from your friends,

The dreams that filled everyone's eyes
The stories that were said underneath the trees
The time that was spent in the benches
The treats that were kept and borrowed

You cannot avoid falling in love with someone.
In the same way you cannot try loving someone other.
Because love is not 'choose the best' it is always 'fill in the blank'
You are in love when you want to give your heart to someone

Like the sky that goes far when we go nearer, you went on going and I kept following you like your shadow..
Finally I understood you are the moon that could never be attained by this innocent boy..
In the process of finding a pair to my heart I have lost my own..
I really hate those screaming in my mind..

People censors them,
Most of them yields; few never gives up
People hates them,
Most of them worries; few never cares

I sit in the railway station
All the trains comes and leaves
Everyone around me wonders
Why I was not taking any of the trains?

I like all the things which you like
I love all the ones who loves you and whom you love
I hate all the things which you hate
I hate all the ones who hates you and whom you hate

How can I say that, just I love you?
For it has lesser intensity
I love you so much
That no one on the universe has ever did

Who had known that the first name I ever wrote on my heart would become an everlasting wound?
What is the meaning of my love if I could not take you as mine or make you as my beloved?
What is the purpose of my life if I couldn't get you in my whole lifetime or forget you at least for a day?
I don't know why I was punished like this..

I know you are afraid of your parents
You are afraid that something worse may happen
But trust me, in true love nothing bad will happen
Your parent loves you and if you like me

See the one I have become,
I cut myself in order to forget how it hurts inside..
I was actually falling into an ocean of fire
At the time I was falling in love with you

For a girl who would always say the truth I promise I will never lie...
For a girl who would trust me completely I promise I will never cheat on her...
For a girl who accepts me as the way I am I promise I will hold on her forever...
For a girl who would treat my parents as her own I promise I will respect her parents too...

Whenever I feel disturbed
Your thoughts make me feel peaceful
Whenever I feel lively
Your thoughts make me feel deserted

Every night I put my head sets ON with high volume
And listen to my favourite love song…
My heart soon gets filled by your love then
They overflow as the tears in my eyes…

Through the window I see the rising sun,
When I realise my yearning for you
I laugh at those for which I have yearned before
I understand, I have gone crazy towards you

There may be millions of beautiful people in this world,
But love reduces it as only one to our eyes.. ♥
As you are to me...
Shivering in the first drops of glassy rain

I was happy at the things I have gained
In the same way I shouldnt worry about the things I have lost.
But the fact is that the things I have lost are far important than the things I have gained.
I have lost the precious you, nothing worthier than you could be ever gained from me.

krishna kumar Biography

: i am an 20 year old student pursuing my aeronautical engineering degree, but all my interests actually lie on writing the poems and stories, i love two girls and they were the main reason for this, one is my mother and the other is a....yes it is a big love breeze came into my life with the name of a beautiful angel and my imaginations started blossoming in the form of poems and stories, i owe every word and every thing to her... i have been under this work for past 3 years but i have never found any break through but i don't care about that. All i wish is to show to the world that i have actually born for something to be admired..some day i will)

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In The Journey Of Life

In the journey of life
your love is like a bus
I will wait for you sometime
If you don't come, then
I will start walking,
No matter if you come
After I have started walking
Though this pains
I like to travel rather than sitting by........

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