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writing poems for a lifetime within a lifetime, in the meantime i do just about every thing under the sun following the moon and that's the jaunt of it. Enjoy :) and cheers!

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Mr.Irish Sailor Sir

Damn Boy-o, come tell me the fears i want to here,
The tails i wish to see, the music i want to feel,
and you, i want to taste

Someone Who Went By Fast.

A blast of a smile,
A shread of a beast,
A noticiable smerk
and a secret of work? !

Things To Come

Burn your weary city down
and turn that smile upside down
Take that building clay
and burn it to find the way

What Nonsence?

Marmalade, and pumpkin pie,
button noses and octopuses,
yellow of mellow and full surprises,
look inside and you will find

Let Us Be Tonight!

Your frenzie pace, that hides in your face,
reminds me not to open my teller of books
to your ears, my mouth words, scare me
to not know, is to not be able to move on.

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Connor Whyte 01 July 2012

I really like your poems so imaginative and creative :)

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