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The eyes of A lier show no truth, The eyes of a good lier fools those who are blind.

Seeking the truth when the devils your story, Bidding you farewell and letting you commit the sin and burn in hell, Your alone living with the lie you tell that you will only believe, You made a grave mistake.

As I lay dying I breath my final Breaths, My last dying breath I call to you, I call to you in confusion, I am not what people think I am, I use this body as A disguise, My dreams are my cover to my confusion, I try and push my dreams down but it is just a replay of the things that I have done wrong.

This substance I take to erase my thoughts are fading and to which I have grown used to, Use to the feeling, I am numb and my words seem untrue, Which is real I do not know, Is this life I am living just another excuse to fail, I have fallen we have all fallen, I push the meaning of existence, I push you like I have pushed away my real self.

Sitting here thinking of you leaving me breathless, My heart was once cold and never seemed to beat, Your kiss is electric kicking my heart as it beats to the feeling of your skin.

Your eyes are the color of the sky when it turns blue, Your voice can sooth my soul and calm the ocean in my head, When I stand by you I feel I can do anything through you, When you say you love me it makes my head turn and my body feel numb, I will stay as you are the one who has stolen me away.

I let the man that stands before me speak, I listen to his words and listen tell he begins to bleed, tell the floor is covered in his liquid and his embrace on life slips falling to his knees he begins to choke, Choking on his own words as the blood spills from his mouth as his lies begin to kill him eating him inside out, tell there is nothing but a pile of clothes soaking in his blood.

My head begins to throb as I listen to the woman who stands before me, yelling at my mistakes and pointing a finger at my defeats I watch every movement she makes every step she paces, I tune out the sound of her annoying voice as she begins to quiver my hearing clears, She begins to gasp and cough I watch in utter amazement her tongue turns green her face turns blue her speech starts to shake and her body drops in front of me. Her eyes stare at me I stare back into her emptiness I see someone as sadistic as a murderer, she wheezes out one last word and its hate.

So many scars,

attitude is not to be messed with,

Knuckles that bleed, Eyes that are swelling, breath gets heavier, Body sways to the motion of the other, My feet move light and my arms stay in front of my chest, Floating to the power stance I hold, I stand my ground and blood drips in my eyes, I am about to dropp the heat.

I throw my fist left and then to the right, Arms get tired and legs dance up and down, Focused and hard to distract I am in my zone and nothing can get in the way, Anger stays at bay and power gets harder, I am not going down until I dropp the heat.

I see faces that walk past me, And a shadow that stands beside me, I see you and the evil sees me.

When I am alone the evil always calls to me, The evil whispers to me but only inside my head, The evil is always around me and influencing my hatred of others.

Sitting in the cold night, Watching the moonlight waiting for the change of the monster to shift its form, Burning and aching as the form begins to shape. As it stands in the open with eyes red as the sun, It howls to the moon and cries in the night.

Heat of the skin and fur drenched in blood, And rain, Quickly it moves to a person unaware, Making its move on the next prey it finds. A lonely man stands in the road eyes black as stone, Rain bounces of his dark rain coat. He is a easy target but is not alone.

I look to the sky and angels swarm and circle with wings so bright holding weapons as gold as the sun, I look below and I see demons crawling with claws as sharp as stone, With weapons as dark as the night, They are feeding on the weak and turning those that don't believe to dust, The smell is unbearable the smell lingers and smells of must.

So much evil and so much good, The battle is a bloodbath and the lands are being turned to ash and brimstone, I stand on the edge of the world looking down on the war, No where to run no where to hide, No fear no pain only survival, The weak are falling and the strong are flourishing.

Feel the beat of the intense music feel it melt your veins and burn your vision, Get lost into the sound of a million chores the sound of the the beat flowing through your veins making you feel invincible.

A addiction strong enough to make an angel cry, Feel the song as it flows in and sets its course like a virus taking its host, Like a drug that puts you in A coma, Feel it make your blood boil.

This is the life I told myself I would live but to this day it gets further away,
I break my back to save my day to work below minimum wage to fight for something that I could be, I struggle to take my own way to grow as a man and to follow the law and obey,
In this life its hard to be what you want without the will to stay, When trouble comes in my direction I move to the side to get out of it's way, Follow my own path to get the things I want most,
I see other peoples reactions when they get to know me and decide to flee what is it that makes them want to turn the other way what is it can't you see what is happening to me, I try so hard to believe that I will be the someone I want to be, In the end I find their is not much left in me lost without love and my heart bleeds, Depression and regrets go with me, that part of my brain that won't leave and seek to destroy me, I push not to hate as I have felt I have changed to learn to love every human being to embrace love and keep it close but I find no comfort as I can't confront this demon that has displayed itself in front of me,

I am someone who feels anger and hatred towards others that think high of themselves.
I am who I am and I am proud to be who I am. I am someone who has done wrong out of anger and paid for it and in return was left with a broken heart.
I am someone who appears to be kind but on the inside I am hurt and full of confusion.
I am someone who does not trust anyone and will not be there to put myself out and help when I have been shunned, to many times have I been lied to and treated like I was a clown.

Pushing and pushing can never stop the pushing, Thoughts and thoughts can never stop the thoughts, Worries and worries can never stop the worries, Doubts and doubts can never stop the doubts, When will this end climbing to the top just to get smacked down again,

Strength is built upon fear, What is there to fear when you have no strength, You can't carry on if your weak. Some were chose to win, to lose its fate or is it destiny? You choose where to begin.
Time goes and you start to grow, Bad choices are made and you need to go.

You fell from above as an angel one of the most beautiful of angels you fell as your wings were torn apart and collapsed into your hate.

Above despises, below some worship you, underneath the souls cry to you, the fallen work for you. You are what is beauty on the outside but ugly on the inside with your power of manipulation you can fool anyone but yourself.

As the day goes by I get older and my mind grows heavy, Tomorrow I wish would never come as A year goes by I grow older and I become colder.
My eyes have seen so much and more things I see as days go by I become older, I hate birthdays because no one shows anymore and no one wishes me well, Why care when no one cares anymore I have lost friends and days get longer.
I wish my birthday would never come because I only get more depressed, And life just seem to press me, All I want is to be known again, I feel no comfort and I feel more death,40,000 people die every day how come I am not one of them, If I could take this burden away I would because I can't confess to my happiness, I feel so numb and life becomes a mess.
Go away and feel death that I feel, Maybe if people would feel the way I do I would not feel alone, Nothing seems to level out only starts to slope and go down hill, Take one more pill to feel at ease living this life I live is just an excuse, I stand in the door way and people pass as I am invisible.

Locked inside my dungeon I call home listening to the sounds of my mind making me uncomfortable, The sounds that push me closer to the edge, it is so near and my hands scratch the walls and my head drags below my shoulders, my fist clench and pound holes inside my soul.

The edge is near and I am being pushed closer, if I fall how long will I fall for? Will it be forever or will it be fast and end quickly? My patiences are depleting and fingers are bleeding and the dirt sticks under my nails, locked inside and secluded my heart is hollow and the ideas of the brain are insanity, insanity that keeps me in the dungeon I call home, where is the sanity?


If I had all the strength in the world I would bring you down from your throne and open your eyes to things that have been done. Blinded by your own insecurity leaving people to praise you and hide your every flaw, leaving you flawless but most see right through you, damage yourself with the drugs you take to erase you from existence.

This toxin you take breaks you down and builds up your anger, holding on to everything you think is important but leaving it and throwing it down, down as you slash your wrist to gain pleasure, don't you see the things you do? Just run from it act like nothing is wrong.

Connor Whyte Biography

My name is Connor Whyte and I have been writing poetry since I was Eight years old. As A kid I had a very Traumatic life and was born into A world of hate. As I grew older I had trouble focusing on what was right but instead what was wrong and I began to take up poetry since I felt no one would ever understand me. As time went on I grew wiser and more strong but at the same time got stupid. I had done something terribly wrong at the age of 16, I was caught for the wrong I had done and was taking away from home and put in A Program for kids with criminal behavior. From there on I started my quest to do right but as I made progress there was someone in the program that was not what you would call a good person and I was kicked from the program after a whole year of doing great. My probation officer saw I made huge progress and I was rewarded to go home. Now that I am home I have seen what horrible people are like and grew to be more mindful and weary in a world full of judgemental and inconsiderate people. I was once a weak and scared person and was afraid to stand up for myself now I have built a strong wall and have been not afraid to stand up for the things I feel are important to me. I feel I am a stronger and A more powerful being with a purpose to do better then I have been dealt and show people they are worth more then what others say about them. I never want to be brought down by pathetic and sick people in my life ever again. I would love for you to read my poems and comment on them please do so as I am eager to hear it. Poetry is a form of art and it needs to be seen.)

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The eyes of A lier show no truth, The eyes of a good lier fools those who are blind.

Seeking the truth when the devils your story, Bidding you farewell and letting you commit the sin and burn in hell, Your alone living with the lie you tell that you will only believe, You made a grave mistake.

Tick the time and start it back you can't change what you have done, Malevolent and untruthful you seek justice but you have no one to run to.

Your hated in the eyes of your family you would be lucky if the devil even wanted you, Your alone and in distress living your lies you can't confess.

Whats done is done I will never believe you even as your son, When you die no one will show nothing but the devils crow, You lay in your casket as it caves in, Someone likes you the maggots love your flesh your the feast of something I like even more than you.

You have payed your dues to commit sin you never prayed for forgiveness God cares but he can't do anything for you, You chose your path and turned the wrong way, Life is to short and you made it
that way.

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Titi Dale 08 January 2013

You are a magnificent poet, Connor! You have much potential to be a part of the poetry world in the big wide world, not just online, but in books. Keep writing! There is always something to learn. Tiegan

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Lilly Emerson Brayfield 20 December 2012

hello Connor i think you are a very talented writer and you should keep up your good work

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Carolina Soto 02 May 2012

You were born to do this, love your poems!

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Aria Quimby 31 January 2012

YOu have a natural talent, i love your poems :)

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