Kristina Louisa Carr
Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Kristina Louisa Carr Poems

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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

A tiny brown triangle on the finger tip
Promises to explore distant lands on a trip
Lying back slowly to relax and be easy
Drinking clear fluids not to feel queasy

Before Dark

Dusk right before dark is my favorite time of each day
The dim light feels as if I am only in this world halfway
Right then it is time for shadows taking over the light
And colors fade slowly to shades of black and white


Shadows are comforting companions quiet and gentle
Reflecting on my actions nothing appears to be accidental
Surrounded by darkness or a very dim light I am free
Admitting to my true feelings I make you the trustee

Lazy Afternoon

Listening to the haunting voice of Nina Simone
Celebrating time to myself as a temporary loan
Everything is quiet but thoughts are invading
Giving in to temptation reality is slowly fading


My heart held captured by snow storms
Surrounded by icicles of different forms
A world of silence and covered by snow
Feelings of peace and serenity I can't let go

Forces Of Nature

When there is silence outside under the snow
I wish I could be a stone watching from below
The cold masses would provide me with peace
A state of mind I would love to increase

Winter To Summer (In Florida)

Brown gives way to green over green to turn brown again
Stuffy rooms with thick air breathe freely just for a moment
Until the humming sound of the air conditioning suffocates
The lazy days monopolized by grey clouds over the river

Black Night In The City

Darkness in the city is just an indistinct side effect
Protecting what is scary in day light and wrecked
Abandoned buildings become castles during the night
Busy graffiti artists express what is usually out of sight


Promises are void if given under false pretense
It is like making a bad joke at your own expense
You delivered words that came smooth and easy
While in reality they were worthless and sleazy

Sunny Days

Sometimes it does not take much
To make my day just a nice smile
In the morning before I go on my way
I love it when the sun casts shadows