Kristina Louisa Carr

Rookie (Born: Cape Town, South Africa)

Kristina Louisa Carr Poems

1. Rain 5/2/2011
2. Cut Flowers 5/2/2011
3. Just A Few Days (Or: More Than An Affair) 5/2/2011
4. Little People 5/2/2011
5. Lost 5/2/2011
6. Just For A Moment 5/2/2011
7. Waiting For A Storm 5/2/2011
8. You Are Far 5/2/2011
9. Equilibrium 5/2/2011
10. Missing You 5/2/2011
11. Three Some 5/2/2011
12. Water On Skin 5/2/2011
13. Good Bye 5/2/2011
14. My Lies 5/3/2011
15. Waiting 5/3/2011
16. Chemistry 5/3/2011
17. Drowning 5/3/2011
18. Cape Town (In Winter) 5/3/2011
19. My Mask Is One 5/2/2011
20. Wonderland 5/4/2011
21. Matchmaker 5/4/2011
22. Black Flag 5/4/2011
23. Lagos 5/2/2011
24. Stranger (Who Are You) 5/12/2011
25. Colors I Remember 5/12/2011
26. Staying Above Water 5/13/2011
27. Driftwood 5/15/2011
28. Poppies 5/16/2011
29. Three Nights In One Room 5/17/2011
30. Shades Of Grey 5/17/2011
31. Claude 5/19/2011
32. Instincts 5/19/2011
33. Wanting More 5/27/2011
34. Temptations Of The Night 5/30/2011
35. Waiting For Love 6/2/2011
36. Night Time 6/4/2011
37. Loving You Is Easy 6/6/2011
38. Heat In The City 6/6/2011
39. I Love You 6/9/2011
40. Anticipation 6/11/2011

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Best Poem of Kristina Louisa Carr

Before Dark

Dusk right before dark is my favorite time of each day
The dim light feels as if I am only in this world halfway
Right then it is time for shadows taking over the light
And colors fade slowly to shades of black and white
Sometimes I see the sun bathing all in an orange glow
And I wish I could touch the heat before it let go

During dusk I want to have you close and not be alone
In the fading light your features turn to marble and stone
Right then I want to bring back life into each inch of your skin
I want to touch you and feel your strong heartbeat ...

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Little People

Have you ever noticed when looking into a baby's eyes
The child seems to know more than you and is wise
At times I wonder if they remember life of a previous time
And know all downfalls of our world and every crime
I wish that I could be exited for the life they will explore
But in reality I rather hide and close my door
I wish I can protect all from indifference and neglect
To preserve the innocence no one has damaged yet

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