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Still The Same

I wish I had prove of how much I love(d) you,
I could run back to you, even if I didn't want to.
I feel this lonely feeling that I can't get rid of.

Swollen Eyes

All what they have, give me all they have, I need it too.
I've  been crying all night cause I want it too
Can I get it too?
Why Am I so greedy?

Desire (Draft)

We all wish our wishes come true
We wish what some else has or does
We say we are not greedy, yet we wish more than we deserve
We want to fill our glass with nothing more than benefit,

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28 August 2021

I'm afraid I would be relieved if you go, cause I don't wanna hold on to you anymore. But I am also afraid that all the good memories can run away. - krita Mazglo

28 August 2021

I sing to you with my sweet voice and I cast some spells, so that when you find out my real self, you don't try to run away.

28 August 2021

I read to you every night and everyday our love story for you to not forget it.

15 September 2021

Will you remember me when I'm gone?

17 September 2021

I wanna run away, far far away

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