Still The Same

I wish I had prove of how much I love(d) you,
I could run back to you, even if I didn't want to.
I feel this lonely feeling that I can't get rid of.

Even when the sun rises and shines with the best of itself
I feel trapped in some grey life, full just of black and grey.
Even when I feel the urge to breath outside in a new place I still remain. It's all the same.
Why is it difficult for me to change?
I still in the same place, even though I said I will do it better.
I thought I would be able to change, but i couldn't, not yet.
Just as i always do I blame myself, over and over again.

I have no place to go,
and I don´t know what I must get done.
I should forget who I am, so that I can build a better self.
I am afraid to live like this, I am scared to still the same.

- K Mazglo