KrystynaMaria Postawa

KrystynaMaria Postawa Poems

1. Just Now 10/19/2007
2. A Long Way Off 10/22/2007
3. All My Love 10/22/2007
4. And When Again The Snow 10/22/2007
5. Let Me Enjoy 10/22/2007
6. Searching You 10/22/2007
7. Your Eyes Follow Me 10/22/2007
8. And On Your Eye-Lashes 10/19/2007
9. Autumn 10/19/2007
10. Changed Into Longing 10/19/2007
11. The Alabaster Palms 10/19/2007
12. The Flowers Of Magnolia 10/19/2007
13. Wrap Me Up With The Twig 10/19/2007
14. You Wander 10/19/2007
15. What Have I To Think 10/19/2007
16. Who Are You 10/19/2007
17. I Dreamed About You 10/19/2007
18. Time Of Fire 10/22/2007
19. Dancing With The Flames 10/19/2007
Best Poem of KrystynaMaria Postawa

Dancing With The Flames

Dancing with the flames
a fiery gypsy’s dance –
Fire in our hearts, fire in the trees,
fire on the sky…

Touched with fire
we want to catch the flames....
Dancing with the flames
we feel the rainbow fire,

we feel the fire’s warmth,
we see the fiery lady
dancing with the gypsys
so magical, so dangerous…

We feel the breath of fire’s world,
we feel the spirit of the fire,
we hear the rhapsody
of the fire’s wild flames…

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All My Love

All my love I offer you
I give you all that I have.
The Autumn leaves rustle so lonely -
They tell about the distance,
Which is your distance.

We meet so suddenly at the end of the day,
So affected by the rustle of autumn's leaves.
And only this autumn has a meaning for us,

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