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Bless Me

I want not to rule over this world,
Nor I want garments purled.
Neither I want stars and moon,
Nor I want to be tycoon.

Poetic Inspiration

Blossomed the delicate buds of inspiration
by the sprinkle from drizzling sky.
Poet's spirit swirled like the whirlpool
and brought him kingdom of imagination.

Eulogizing Her

Words of greatest bard would always shy
That could never suffice,
Describing delicate buds of rare type.
Covering those pearls white

Trust In Love

Trust in love, but a vessel full of milk,
Just a drop of sour lime,
Or any drop of sourish type,
Will result in the same,


Solitude brought me a world of my own,
Where I met myself silently.
Ears deafened and blind eyes,
Gave a chance to those inward ones.

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Kuldipsinh Jadeja Popularity