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Angel listen when I say this,
Because I love you,
There is nothing for you,
That I wouldn't do.

No matter what she's always there
She shows me that she really cares
She makes me feel like I belong
And she's been there all along

Dear Friend, Are you their?
I have some things, id like to share.
Youve been there through times, when Ive needed you most
Like a real friend should, I can really call you close.

There are gifts of many treasures
For both the young and old,
From the tiniest little trinkets
To great boxes filled with gold.

Only you know me, the real, honest me,
Only you see right through what I try to be,
Only you could ever make me truly cry,
But you are the only one who would never try.

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Call Out My Name

Angel listen when I say this,
Because I love you,
There is nothing for you,
That I wouldn't do.

Because you mean the world to me,
You're my best friend,
I wanna hold you together,
Help your broken heart mend.

I wanna to show you,
That the world isn't all that bad,
I wanna dry away your tears,
When you feel so sad.

I wanna take your pain,
And throw it all away,
How can I show you?
That it will be ok.

It kills me that you're hurting,
Wish I could show you so much more,
That at the end of this road,
You won't end up broken on the floor.

I'm here for you all of the way,
Here to hold you together,
Never fear angel,
Because I'm here forever.

I can help you,
Stop you from falling apart,
I know that you're broken,
Cradling a broken heart.

That it won't seem to end,
The hurt seems to last,
It's hard to move on,
When reminded of your past.

So please take my hand,
I have faith in you,
Hold on to me,
I can help you through.

And when you feel alone,
And nothing is the same,
When you feel like you're falling,
Just call out my name.

And I will be there for you,
Just so you know,
I'll be there for you angel,
And I'll never let you go.

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Kwadwo Adade Popularity

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