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Music is the energy within me
Music makes me stronger
Music makes me think
Music makes me emotional

In the night I lay
Dreams of you appear
Showing all the wonders
That you have offered


You control me with guilt
Knowing the one thing that gets me
You get what you want with this power
The power of guilt that is.

Why won’t I flow?
I always am searching for it,
I can’t let things happen,
I have to to do something


I just don’t understand how this could happen;
Having a friendship that resembles a brotherhood
that has finally taken off it’s mask reveling the true you.
I thought you of all people would never do it, but I was proven oh so wrong.

The supernatural consumes us
The supernatural knows us
The supernatural knows what will happen to you
The supernatural knows what happened


To feel like half a person is hard.
Not having you around much longer is hard.
Even though we are both different people to the world,
I feel like one giant whole.

I am ashamed of myself I let life fly by and I just sat and watched it.
I can’t believe I am letting this happen.
I am deeply upset within my soul, I regret everything that I have done.
I am becoming something that I don’t want or can’t be.

The information i give to you is key
I want you to take this with you and learn
learn about life and itself
remember that I am always here


I dwell inside with these emotions
Dwelling behind the scenes so I can’t be heard
Hiding in the shade, to dwell about the little things
Wondering what it would be like to have t he little things

I don’t understand why I do what I do
Why would I try to help anyone if they don’t respect me
I just can’t believe why I don’t stop caring about my friends
Isn’t that what I am brought to this earth for?

Where do I go now?
I am confused and frustrated
I can’t find my way home
where is this path?

I can’t break this
This reckoning has really overwhelmed me
You did it higher evil that I will never understand
You have won this battle

As time goes by
I wonder why I'm like this.
Is it me?
Or is it you?

Its hard to surpass this vision
The beautiful vision
The vision that is in your mind
the vision that wishes it was real

I thought it was fine
when all of the pain settled.
But when I saw this day
with you in it


Its hard for me to cry,
Shedding one tear hurts my appearance.
One tear shows I am weak,
My cries for help are useless and pathetic.

I can’t describe this
It’s hard to believe this happened
Wondering what I have become from this
I stand here pondering the great feet


We should come to a conclusion
It isn’t always life’s fault when life throws obstacles at us
It’s not always life’s fault for us making our bad choices
It us, the people

I care too much
About the ones I love
The ones who I grew up with
Even the ones that don’t even

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I am a student at Montclair State University studying in Information Technology and minoring Computer Science. On the side I am learning guitar and I am also starting to write poetry. I started writing poetry in the beginning of my Fall 2010 semester because I started writing my feelings down and then I make a poem out of it. I really like being creative with everything in my life. Comments on my poetry would be gladly appreciated so I can either stay with what i have or improve on my writing.)

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Music is the energy within me
Music makes me stronger
Music makes me think
Music makes me emotional
Music gives me passion
Music is my life

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