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kyle potter Poems

1. Break Them 10/13/2009
2. By And By 10/13/2009
3. Please Dont Go 10/21/2009
4. By And By #2 10/22/2009
5. Take You Back 11/5/2009
6. No Way Of Life 11/5/2009
7. Dreams Of You 11/16/2009
8. My Confusion 11/16/2009
9. More Guilt This Time Than Before 11/16/2009
10. Like Smoke 12/9/2009
11. Let Me In 10/26/2009
12. Breath Of Silence 10/26/2009
13. Relapse 10/21/2009
14. Dont Push Me 11/3/2009
15. I Dream Of Nightmares 10/22/2009
16. The One 9/28/2009
17. Sweet Embrace 9/28/2009
18. My Addiction 10/22/2009
19. The Chance I Took Has Taken Me 10/25/2009
20. Kate 10/13/2009
21. Oh The Will To Give Up 10/1/2009
22. Gasping For Air 9/29/2009
23. Dark Dark Girl 10/12/2009
Best Poem of kyle potter

Dark Dark Girl

Dark girl so filled with strife
Dark Dark girl she'll take your life
Dark girl stay for a while
Dark Dark girl she makes me smile
Dark girl she shows no fear
Dark Dark girl is always near
Dark girl wont see her cry
Dark Dark girl just wants to die

But Dark girl lives in the dark
so you dont see her painfull mark

Dark Dark girl may never know
just how much the light can show

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Oh The Will To Give Up

Some days I just want to take that dive
Oh the will to give up
I don’t want to survive

Those days the skies grey and my world turns black and blue
She cant cheer me up
If she only knew

The cuts on my wrist so jagged and grim
I can still feel it
My world not dark, but beginning to dim

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