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I want to be held by you every night
I want to be able to say I love you everyday
To see you every day

That feeling of fear like none other
knowing your body is not on the same page
that pain never experienced before

Time doesn't take the pain

Record plays
so fresh, so clear


The reality of the sun
so warm, bright, comforting
The relm of my mind
so negative, dark, cold

These thoughts that play on repeat
Punish me because I deserve it
It's never enough
Pain is never to real

I understand all to well
The things I do
To avoid the thoughts

This world of many
Many of horrors

These simple things in life I love

This state of being
Is but a moment in life

A moment I do not want to feel

My thoughts I keep hidden
My terrors I push away
I hide my face with this


The reality of crims
My sleep is the greatest waste of time

Time I want to waste

I know I can accomplish anything i desire in this world
I saw you accomplish everything you wanted and more
I know

I love this world I made to keep
The sane in me from escape

I need to see, what is not clear

wake up and shower or not
brush my teeth
fix my hair
clothes, keys, leave

I like to play some games with me
To test just how far I can go
It's fun to test my limits here


The stinging pain of water falls

While rocks are deep below

Sometimes the best things
that come along in life
you have to let go of

huts with and without you baby
i don’t understand how i can love you
and you can love me
but we can not be

The way they move
I see them
I hear them
I feel them

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I want to be held by you every night
I want to be able to say I love you everyday
To see you every day

I wonder what your doing out there
What your seeing

I miss you every time I go to sleep
the little things through out the day that remind me of you
make me miss you even more

I want to be with you forever
I cant picture it any other way

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