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Everyone Is Different

Everyony is different from me and you

Everyone is different it is true

I'M Staring Out The Window

I am staring out of the window wondering how life could be
If everyone left me alone and let me be me
I am staring out of the window and all I can see is a giant key
To open the gate and be independent and free


From the day I signed
I am one of them
Are they real people?
I am owned

Right now I am writing history
Amongst a million other writers
But what makes me different
from that never ending million?

Shattered Mess

Scared by the innocent but deadly small pieces of glass.
Lost in the shadows of the shattered particles.
Become apart of the enormous mess, so hard to escape.
Locked in a vicious cycle, no hope of breaking free.

A Silent Killer

One voice that can't be heard
turns into a door that can't be opened. It's jammed.
Everything beyond the door is filled with darkness, hatred and blackness.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow the door will have HAD cracks, will start to HAVE cracks and it WILL gain more cracks.

You'Ve Been There.

The arguments, The fights.
The tear, The betrayal.
Need some where to hide?


Time Spent
Best Worst
Traveling is a way to escape, it gives you the slightest chance of hope, the slightest chance of being true.

End Of

It all started when i loved you.
And you never know what to say or do.
But after you said you love me to.
This was the start of a dream come true.

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