End Of Poem by lady simple

End Of

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It all started when i loved you.
And you never know what to say or do.
But after you said you love me to.
This was the start of a dream come true.
Me and you where not meant to be.
Even our friends put us down and said this was something to see.
It didnt matter what they said cause you was so kind.
You felt the same way cause i was opened and i had a free mind.
When i broke up with you and said we where throw.
You couldnt believe it and you asked my sister was it true.
You asked me several questions that i didnt want to reply.
I didnt answer cause i didnt want you to feel like i have lied.
I loved you so much but that is the end.
Dont call me or text me we are not friends.

Charlotte Peachey 11 January 2010

i loved this poem it touched on a subject close to my heart my family basically hate my boyfriend and they want nothing to do with me until i end it with him the hardest thing to do is chose between the love of your life and your family i chose my boyfriend he has stuck by me for the last 6 years and my family tossed me in a childrens home and i made the right choice because im having a family of my own i loved this poem keep up the great work huni 10+++ all the best from charlotte

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