Lady Viola Of The Grave Poems

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By The End Of This...

By the end of this poem you will love death
because death is a figure of speech
as heaven and hell
to all that believe

Are You Going With Death?

My, what a beautiful dress
your hair pulled that way
I would only guess


He lurks in my shadow
and defends my pain
the only thing that kills him
is the blood from my veins

No Sympathy

As much as you want to believe it
there is not sympathy in this world
The only thing that god wants for us is that we die in our own pain
to suffer the mistakes that we have made

Dark Smile

I want to smile
but i can only frown
I am in a big crowd
but i feel so alone


There is a person that is watching you
laughing at your mistakes
feeding on your soul
the last thing that it wants

To Die Alone

There is a time in your life
that you want to die,
and it seems like fun
but every one stops you

Darkness Is A Virtue

There are things in life better left untold
in the side of the house
where the old lady stands
there is a lavish of darkness

I Hate You, I Love You

I hate you
I hate you
You don't know how much i hate you

Its Fragile

Sacred the lines that connect
Indescribable the flow of life
Dangerous when damaged,
I could lead to things unwanted