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By The End Of This...

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By the end of this poem you will love death
because death is a figure of speech
as heaven and hell
to all that believe
they will be deceived

By the end of this stanza you will love death
you don't see death
he sees you
and who am I to say he?

he, she I don't know
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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 11 June 2009

A good poem inviting the readers to look into themselves and realize for what they lack to make a good use of their life and throw away the proudness and the filth of superiority complexes.........nothing is permanent so make use of every single moment you elapse...........

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Eyan Desir 11 June 2009

Well this is the first time I have read a poem like this well written I dont love death sorry life is 2 sweet

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Marieta Maglas 10 June 2009

the anaphora''By the end of this poem you will love death'' need to generate the tension.By the end of this poem he will love death, the truth comes at the end of this poem and the truth is that ego kill his pride.intelligently penned..10++

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