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The one who made me laugh, made me cry,
And made me a comedian, still i says,
i do not know and understand well her
She is my English

This may be the end
Ending with my last letter Z
Remembering "A" first I studied
Forget all of them in between

Oh, imagination why you are there, made me hit
Oh, destiny where you are, always be far from me
Both are enemies of my life
They never meet and shake hand for me

Beware of life, it is mysterious
Beware of men, he is suspicious
Beware of surroundings, it is disasters
Because kindness is invisible everywhere.

Looking to you baby, no frowns i can see in you
Blessing from you, gesture me and whole surrounding cheerful
Realizing from you, nothing is restricted in this world
No wasting of time, you are simple happy with every one.

While opening the windows, slowly and gently
I saw, raindrops falling from the sky
On nature like great friends
Meeting again,

Open my eyes; spray of colored light is coming
Open my window, splash of good odor wind is coming
Open my door, blessing smile from mom is coming
As the day usual

Lights serving on the road
Full of stars burning brightly
Sounds of sleigh bells all around
Blessed carols spreading through air

Oh my wind, odor is your silence when you come to me?
Oh my flower, beauty is your silence when you see me?
Hey, waves are the silence of blue sea when you touch me?
May be, colors are the silence of rainbow when you look at me.

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I like to do some thing in space related science.. actually am a research scholar in astrophysics.. I am crazy about stars, galaxies..the whole universe.. I really like the words of famous astrophysicist Tyson who said.. When i look at the sky.. i never felt small, i feels big because my atoms came from those stars.. How beautiful ma life is. Really i love myself..)

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My English

The one who made me laugh, made me cry,
And made me a comedian, still i says,
i do not know and understand well her
She is my English

I was in ten, arose my first tension,
Hearing the voice of teachers, something was new,
Something was horrible.
Nothing be conveyed,
Looking behind, all were stood up
Murmuring, dancing with actions,
Lastly, repeating all the mime
Calling as a fool at the times

From the day to still, wandering for words
Struggling around, for a simple things
Hearing many times, my schooling. college days,
Every where she is with us,
But still i says i don't know
I called that beautiful lady as 'English'

Language still needs mystery
Words have the power to change the world
Like women, she is something special in my life.

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Oh my dear destiny, am ready

Most of the beautiful things in this world are invisible

Behind the divine love, there is a secret of possessiveness

Struggle, when imagination does not meet with reality and forget, when imagination does become an imaginary.

Keep your morning with smile, then you will be the origin for many smiles

Today is a day of everything

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Lakshmi S Bose Popularity

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