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A Delaware born Californian. Living back in this personality devoid wonder. Poets are the few that concern themselves with learning to craft an image through precision of word arrangement...feels good to be amongst you all, MY KIND!

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Cuddles Or Snuggles

No hesitation of claiming this as I am
But can't decide from two sides so fuzzy
Most may shy but not this proud man
Giving definition to our cinergy

A Fate Replaced Upon The Plate

We the little
We the meat
We the metal

No names for our faces


Every winter I die
Every spring I'm born anew
But winter takes more
Than spring gives you.

Thank You Jimmy Page

For the trickery with the bow string
And that World War II noise making thing
For carefully choosing the talent in the band
Adhering to your vision, sticking to your plan

I'M A Scared Little Boy

Here we go with love again
Love is the name we've given
To the largest cavity inside
Fooling boys with a foolish man pride

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Hardik Vaidya 25 February 2013

Lance Uppercutt its 19th th since I haven't seen you, drop in a poem so that I can meet you.

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