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To begin with memories
i grew into your essences;
The breath code of remembering you floated into my lungs;
and there, in the sunlight of my thought

For Sirajo Skt

To define religion

My love
hold two things towards the scared portion of your heart.
The way i laugh with you, like sunrise slicing through the fall of winter.
The way i place my lips gently on your forehead to bed, calm wind needing the hug of flowers.

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Lover of art and music…. Lives in Benin city, Nigeria)

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To begin with memories
i grew into your essences;
The breath code of remembering you floated into my lungs;
and there, in the sunlight of my thought
You dissolved like salt crystals on the concrete floor of anxiety.

Breath is the currency of the living
spent everyday in the fleeting paragraph of sighs on
the beach sand of gravity— knotted to the nomenclatures of childhood.

The burning imageries of your face rewind me to the passage
of childhood, your warm smiles cushioning the moment
throwing speeches in the air, the speeches of memories;
sailing like a vessel on the ocean of dreams under the canopy of raindrops.

The flowers in our hands took a different
shade to bloom beyond distance of feet and elbows;
from the clandestine songs of embrace, sending the mile-shot of forgetfulness

Somedays, we dilute the water in our eyes with laughter big enough
like the size of cargo ship bend into shape from the pulp sheet of remembering;
goosebumps of playtime ignited a firework from the lenses of our discrete eyes
as bright as floodlights hammering the earth on a snowy eve.

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Love held us like gravity and gave us wings to fly, searching for the light years of memories

Happiness is sometimes a sand castle

Ambitions fall off on the roof top of dreams, but every dream has a root in the metamorphosis of our being.

Love is an endless paragraph holding infinite letters

The venom of your love is harmless

Several years apart and a thousand days away from the sunrise of your smiles. Through the long jump of distance, i grew flowers in the density of remembering your name.

Here i stand on the orange branches of your hands, meandering between the corridors of open heartbeats

Poetry is the autograph signature of expression

I disdain your attitude, yet love you without reservation

I play the fair politics with my pen on paper. Not with people and their minds

So sudden we grow into grey, embracing age the slow keeper of time.

To get peace, we must create a good budget for love. To get happiness, we must create a good budget for humanity.

Memories of rainfall are the longest poems of childhood

Day after day, my hands crave for the contours of your being. Loving you became more charming than holding a jasmine in a vase, because without you everything is black-out.

Everything about you are true definition, of the bright side of loving a woman

Poetry [ like every other form of art ], is the ability to create a window through imaginations

People grow old too soon, because they do not know how to laugh

We are scared of revolution because we are scared of desolation. But if revolution will bring home the trophy of redemption, then why not go out into every nook and cranny to kick out the ass of injustice.

The universe is the best ballerina dancer. Every morning at sunrise she dances towards the earth with her feet of Gold

Breathe is the currency of the living

The democracy of my country is a fingerprint purpose

I count your memories among the years of all that i have forgotten

Your name is the silent temperament throbbing my heart from dusk to dawn

The best aim of a political aspirant is to have your thumb print for his voting exercise.

Racial discrimination is a thing of the mind.

Friendship is a page with different colours

Broken men seek consolation in the ruins of people

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