Ramesh T A Laughter Poems

Life Should Go On In Smile, Laughter And Humour!

Like a smooth running river, lines of featured poetry go on;
They amuse and inspires all readers with interest and enthusiasm;
That natural joy brings the picture of freshly bloomed flowers;
The smiling faces of yellow and white flowers welcome in the morning!

A Thing Of Humour Is A Laughter Forever!

A Thing of Humour is A Laughter Forever!

A thing of humour in the novel is a laughter forever;
Such a novel was written by Charles Dickens sure

Laughter And Peace In The World By Humour!

Laughter and Peace in the World by Humour!

Without humour, where is smile and laughter on the faces of all anywhere in the world ever;
Laughter by humour should be exhausted ever if tiredness is produced for good health;

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

Humorous talk is a skill that makes all laugh and live happy life in the world;
Laughter caused by humour makes one forget all worries and regain natural spirit;
It's a God given gift that makes society to live in joy whatever be the difficulties;
Worries, doubts and fear make all forget sense of humour and never remember laughter!

Life Sans Love And Laughter Is A Dream!

June full Moon shines beautifully behind thin blanket of clouds kindling romance;
But Corona spell has made all close doors and lights in darkness in town;
Sans love and laughter, life is worthless to live healthy life in the world;
Sans music, dance and songs, how can love be strong to rule everywhere?

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