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The Magic Of Snow

Snowflakes dance like white fairies of old
Each one a treasure to behold
Far more precious than spectrums of stone
For stones, anytime, the rich can easily own
The white season only enchants us a few months a year
The fairies, by magic, soon disappear
God, not man, decides whom these riches bestow
The rich of spirit know the value of silvery sheets of snow
Children charmed by snow's shimmering spell
Gaze at a snowman sculptured by winter's richest girl
Whose love moulded beauty into perfection
And whose childish joy shines from every section
Like a perishing goddess, winter's wind begins to sing
The purity of winter must mature to spring
From the snowman, molten light trickles into a stream
Before the children's eyes, vanishing into a dream
Why are their eyes shining with regret and pain?
Winter will return to cast its spell again
When their white season ends, they should then lament
For that treasure's lost forever, once it is spent

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Laura Greene Popularity

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