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A Fickle Mind

The traveling wind,
speeding in my direction,
Forcing me to stumble in my path,
I feel weak,


In feilds where fairness can be planted,
Where the river cleans All humanity,
When the tree's fruit feeds everyone,
When the damage has been undone,

Galaxy Of Thoughts

I sit and think about things far too often,
It's my biggest problem,
A thought,
Of no particular significance,

Enchanted By Lust

The happiest one with the darkest thoughts,
Is said to rest in peace,
But the darkest thoughts are the deepest fears
Thus; Panicked! She wont release.

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Hello, my name is Lauren Gilroy Cunningham and at the moment I am 15. I live in a town called Beith which is in North Ayrshire, Scotland. I go to Garnock Academy which (to be honest) is a terrible school!

Although born in Fife (Scotland) I moved to Kent (England) when i was a baby and then to Upton, Meresyside (England) when I was 3. I live ...

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