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Why this happens to me,
I do not understand
Why this happens to me,
They don't give a damn


We have been here for years,
And now it’s time to go.
We all have our fears,
Like having to mow.

Fury Spills Out

I begged them to stop,
They didn’t listen.
I begged them to help,
As one of them said, “Kiss ‘em.”

I Can'T Do This Without You

I wish you were here beside me
To help me sing this song

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I was born in Australia, with my parents, one brother and two sisters. Unfortunaly, before was born, my sister, Erin, had died when my mother was 6 months along in her pregnacey. I have always felt like Erin is a piece of me.

I usually like to be confident but behind my brave face, my heart is completely damaged and hurt for what had happened to my family. My mother calls me special as I remind her of our guardian angel, Erin Lousie. R.I.P

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