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i love how your eyes are so dark
that when you stare into mine
i feel like i'm surrounded by you
i love how you take a breath

Mirror, mirror
On the wall.
How old will I be
When I fall?

I still think you're here,
That you're not dead yet.
I just can't believe it,

dancing down the sidewalk
listening to my iTunes
lookin' down at all the chalk
and up at the stars and Moon.

You see it in color,
You see it in black and white,
You see it differently,
Only through the sunglasses.

I wish I were there when you died,
I should have been there to see you cry,
I should have said a sweet last goodbye.
I wish you could've had a little more time.

I wish I was your luxury
I want to be held with security
in your arms while feeling free
I want to kiss you on your lips

Everytime I close my eyes
I see your loving face
it's trapt within my mind
and it will never escape

the dark can't protect you
from what you fear
it can hear you
far or near

Why did you choose it over me,
I know reality is harsh,
but life, you cannot flee.

If I could write the ocean,
I would.
If I could sing the ocean,
I would.

From point A to point B,
From his driveway to mine,
Out of his car, into my arms,
This is what makes me smile with glee.

and they lived happily ever after,
in what mother fuckin' world?
i don't hear any cheerful laughter
i don't hear any nice chatter

You're the one that keeps me going,
you're the one that keeps me glowing,
about all of this passionate desire that is between us,
all of the love that is in your eyes, all of the pure lust.

my love for you is here
here in my heart
please have no fear
i love you

I'm asking do you love me?
When you look into my eyes,
What do you see?

Left or Right?
Stop or Go?
Flee or Fight?
Please let me know.

Words describe,
Words inform,
Words give off vibes,
Words branch out of the norm.

It hit me hard.
I fell.
I cried.
I howled.

Long, emotional, sensational,
About love and nothing else,
Living for the moment,
And only for themselves.

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Love, More Than Love, And The Moments

i love how your eyes are so dark
that when you stare into mine
i feel like i'm surrounded by you
i love how you take a breath
just before we kiss because
you know it's going to be long
and passionate, so romantic.
i love how the taste of your lips
on mine is just so perfect.
i love how you put your arms
around me, i feel so protected.
i love how my body fits perfectly
into yours when we hold eachother close.
I love how we lust for eachother and
i love how you passionatly stare into my eyes
when we make the best love, so perfect.
I love how you're always in my thoughts,
distracting me throughout the day.
I love how you always call me, just after
i whisper the words, 'i miss you.'
I love how I love you, and you love me.

But, I don't love you.
I don't love all of these things that we have.
what and how i feel for you is more than love.
It's something you can't explain.
More than the world, more then the universe.
My more than love for you, is larger than life.
I cherish the times when you hold me close,
in the dark. Kissing me gently on my forehead,
saying it will be okay when the sun comes up.
I cherish the moments, when we kissed
in the rain, the lightning strikeing,
and the thunder bellowing.
I will cherish, always and forever,
the moments I was and will still be with you.
The precious moments when we say
'I love you with all of my heart, all of my body,
and all of my soul.'

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