Laurence James Duggan

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Laurence "Laurie" James Duggan is an Australian poet, editor, and translator.

Laurie Duggan was born in Melbourne and attended Monash University, where his friends included the poets Alan Wearne and John A. Scott. Both he and Scott won the Monash Poetry Prize. He moved to Sydney in 1972 and became involved with the poetry scene there, in particu ...

Laurence James Duggan Poems

September Song

Bill Doggett and Earl Bostic: Trading Licks
a great compilation
always reminds me of Ken
probably still at work

Blue Hills 27

Ascending Mt Cannibal in rain-heavy air
– a few moments between downpours
allowed for the summit.

Five Spot

Monk’s Coming
on the Hudson's
about appropriate
for breakfast.

Lines For A Reading

I have to write a poem
for a poetry reading
in the House of Parliament.
It’s the House they don’t use


or the light reflected off metal structures on the roof of the laboratory prior to a storm. The whitish sheets over a darkening sky, a series of regular solids, an obsessive repetition of inarticulate demands. Elsewhere there are

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