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Maya …The very word is in sync
With enigma on our lands
As enigmatic as thy voice sounds
In thine words; as profound

What would be the bards first & the final wish?
I suppose nothing but the prescience
Of a true mind absorbed
In imagery revealing its true form

What's life? A query to put forth
An enigma to behold!
Life is nothing just
But another dream

Every time… this happens to me -
Who's that! ! ! Who has it writ?
Knowing not… in its delight
It's my own voice; that had it said.

I've never written a word
Under the influence of my mind
As pure as the serene sense
My thoughts do flow.

To be a poet
You need to awaken your mind
In the mid night
Of the growing dark

The pride of a poet is something I know;
As a peacock, that proudly fans its feathers
Personifying its perfect ways of dancing,
As the poet lost in its bliss-while reciting.

The agony haunts the cerebral space
Wherein the mind wanders in its thick constraints.

Akin to the fog of the forest the mind wanders,

The truth of joy
Is one such thing;
That doesn't keep me intact.
It gives me thrust

Whom to convey my ecstasy
Which I do obtain through my carvings
As I wish not to convey; can't conceal too
Hence herein I do discuss with the creation.

The dreams that were born in me
Were outstanding in the sense, they
Were more than insightful to see-through...
And me being the privileged one, had the

Sleep which was my escape door
To my trembling thoughts of recurrence
Had shut it against me …. On its own will.
I believe it has done that for my lethargic labor;

Where are my worst worries vested
And the incessant fears holed?
Anxiety arising of unknown angst
And curiosity at its cruel best

Where the song poesy is sung
There my tune ever will be hung.
Every of his, whose passion is poetry
Ever will be- mine a devotee.

Years been passed by, I now know the loss of my intellect; I had missed for not using my skills and the amount of work I would

Life is a happening of which
No measures can hinder the experiences.
It’s just nothing but a dream- as thee know….
And a reality in its knowing- as I do know.

What’s this joyousness?
Surfing in my mind
Which I don’t believe in.
The exuberance of psyche

It's of a great immense pleasure
To be with thou poesy!
Wherein the deeper organs
Responds to the invisible senses

As comes the morn
So comes the noon
Thus followed by the dark
Which in cyclic gets form (d)

When I do speak of poetry…
The poet in me speaks; whilst it’s not me.

It’s his language his voice

Laxman Rao Biography

Born & broughtup in Bangalore India, had basic education in Bangalore, Had graduation from Andhra Pradesh. worked for corporate sectors as HR/Admin currently owns a travel house. Worked for few Films in the Direction dept... currently working on his scripts. hopefully, sooner or later would come up with his films.

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To Her Highness Maya Angelou

Maya …The very word is in sync
With enigma on our lands
As enigmatic as thy voice sounds
In thine words; as profound
And as magnetic thy
Verse appeal to us.
As thy have grown high
In stature and been in infinite
As a beaming bright star
In the poetical universe,
You'd peep down at times
And see the hand that's
Going cravious for the craft,
As one's appetite goes starving.

What moved thine mind
I may never know….
And what's moving in ones mind
Hope you'll ever know….
What was the grit that thy did
Armor as thine spirit,
And what was the pain
That didst much motivate,
Thy words woo us as
Much as the melancholic impulse; that
Leave us baffled with the brains behind.
To such a great spirit of endurance
Who could inspire with a poetical wand
I have my gratitude penned.

As the poetical spirit varies nowhere, I've my few words
Unto thee, for- being part of my poetical family.

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A thought should be; as tho, A worm in the dark that do glow.

Poems are of different flavors for different mindsets As different as poets who are as different recipes.

Thoughts never crave for words And words never ask for thoughts.

Beautiful eyes cast beautiful views.

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Laxman Rao Popularity

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