Laxman Rao

Freshman - 981 Points [L.Rao] (Bangalore)

Laxman Rao Poems

1. Meditating On Madness 2/21/2014
2. Love, Lust & Sex 3/25/2014
3. Soul Search 3/25/2014
4. Confrontation Of Thoughts 3/25/2014
5. Dare To Dream-Dream To Dare 3/25/2014
6. I'M An Emotional Anchor 3/25/2014
7. Thought.... I Havent Thought Off 3/25/2014
8. Lend Me A Thought 3/26/2014
9. What’s This Joyousness? 3/26/2014
10. To Be With Thou Poesy 3/26/2014
11. The Day Of Your Dreams 3/26/2014
12. On My Way Home 3/26/2014
13. Pearl Drops 3/27/2014
14. When I Do Speak Of Poetry 3/27/2014
15. State Of Mind 3/28/2014
16. The Thoughts.. 3/29/2014
17. I Wish Not To Be Read; 3/29/2014
18. Beautiful Eyes Cast Beautiful Views 3/30/2014
19. I'Ve Never Written A Word 4/1/2014
20. On Turning To Be A Poet 3/29/2014
21. The Fear Of Falling In Love 4/4/2014
22. The Feel Of The Senses 4/4/2014
23. The Spirit 4/4/2014
24. The Smile 4/5/2014
25. The Conflict 4/5/2014
26. Gone Are The Days 4/5/2014
27. An Amateur View 4/30/2014
28. As The Thinking Is So The Thoughts Are 4/30/2014
29. The Psyche In The Most Paradoxical Phase 4/30/2014
30. Love; A Virgin Minds-Virgin Thought 4/30/2014
31. When I'M At Work- Weaving Verses 4/30/2014
32. Where The Reasoning Is 4/30/2014
33. Wish To Keep My Conscience Clear 4/30/2014
34. Whom To Convey My Ecstasy 5/3/2014
35. Read A Poem Of Mine 5/8/2014
36. The Poet Used To Speak To Me 5/8/2014
37. Dreams Dare Me To Live 5/8/2014
38. The Poet & His Poem 5/8/2014
39. O’er To My Dubiousity 5/9/2014
40. Ethics I Stand For … 5/10/2014
Best Poem of Laxman Rao

To Her Highness Maya Angelou

Maya …The very word is in sync
With enigma on our lands
As enigmatic as thy voice sounds
In thine words; as profound
And as magnetic thy
Verse appeal to us.
As thy have grown high
In stature and been in infinite
As a beaming bright star
In the poetical universe,
You'd peep down at times
And see the hand that's
Going cravious for the craft,
As one's appetite goes starving.

What moved thine mind
I may never know….
And what's moving in ones mind
Hope you'll ever know….
What was the grit that thy did
Armor as thine spirit, ...

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Lend Me A Thought

Lend any of thee
Any sort of a thought
For, In thy name
I shall have it penned.
A portrait of thine
In the album of my poesy
I will have it stored.

I do lay indolent

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