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i used to walk alone sometimes, listening to strum of my own guitar, see the beauty of the world that ones murdered and murdered by the people that benefits in her beauty and love.

loving the world of anime and manga....

i used to see the nature that see me as what i used to be...

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A Letter Of Goodbye

As I glance at you I already knew
i am destined for you and you are
for me too.
A hundred times beyond normal
my heartbeats for you.
And your eyes; yes, your eyes...
their telling me you love me just the way I love you.

You thought what love was
You thought how to love be loved
You turned my nights into days
just thinking of you.
And you made my days into night just dreaming of you
Oh..you made my life worth living.

Do you remember the day we promised
that someday at the right time and place? ..
We've find ourselves in white at a cathedral
And there we would vow to live together forever.

Yet...as the saying goes...
'nothing is constant but change! '
You decided to leave me for a material growth
I stayed though and worked...
still concerned for our future.
How I missed you voice for a years...
How I missed your sweet smell for a long time
I miss you so much, Oh how I missed you so badly.

Until one day, on my way to the church where I pray
I saw one familiar face holding and kissing another guy
It was you I realized..
And now its clear to me that you've found somebody new.
Yet, I still insist... that it just the game you play..

Your not mine now but my heart
still beats and long for you...
i still imagine that when we get older
we can still string both ends together.
I should not let you go... then...
Until now...you're still in my heart...
I still love you, but...
I finally have to say GOODBYE.

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