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Darkness Was Chosen

Know this…

All darkness is caused—
For light is always present.

It is perhaps

The shadows
Of thy past that darken thy memories,
Or, that the clouds of thy heart
Darken thy soul,


All of that darkness was caused,
For it was My light
That shined in you first,
And, your darkness in the end,

Was chosen.


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Tears Of The Groom

The Groom is grieved for his brides’ gone away,
Scattered and lost from the land of her king.
Sitting alone at his table to pray;
That sheep of his flock might gather to sing.

Bitter tears he cries to know she has sinned.
Engaged to a whore who knows not a word
‘Bout the promise he made and died to defend.
…Now deaf to that promise; she wields a sword;