Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C)

Lechelle Jones (01.24.91,D.C) Poems

1. This That You Are To Me 5/24/2009
2. A Young Girl Found Love 5/24/2009
3. No Us In Love 5/24/2009
4. Never Say It...That Four Letter Word 5/25/2009
5. Battered Wife (Not A Personal Experience) 5/25/2009
6. Promise 5/25/2009
7. Delima 5/25/2009
8. Stuck 5/25/2009
9. Time In Loosing You 5/25/2009
10. *she 5/30/2009
11. Graduate 6/2/2009
12. If 6/3/2009
13. He See's (God) 6/3/2009
14. 'Clap It Up For You' 6/4/2009
15. Torn 6/5/2009
16. No More 6/5/2009
17. Hate U 6/5/2009
18. Can U See 6/9/2009
19. As My Son Came To This World. 6/14/2009
20. The Passion He Gives To Me 6/17/2009
21. Crush 6/17/2009
22. As His Love Fades 6/18/2009
23. Teach Me To Love 6/20/2009
24. Lie To Me 6/20/2009
25. My Simple Little Prayer. 9/25/2009
26. Love Is Not My Friend 1/29/2010
27. The Girl That Lives His Heart *i Am 2/1/2010
28. He Is 3/15/2010
29. Im Learing 3/28/2010
30. Can I Be 4/20/2010
31. You Should 1/5/2011
32. This Man 5/24/2009
33. Come Back 5/24/2009
34. The One 5/24/2009
35. When Love Comes Back 5/24/2009
36. I Cant 5/24/2009
37. Blind To Touch The Emtion Of Love 5/24/2009
38. Can I Call You Worth My Effort 5/24/2009
39. Rain 6/3/2009
40. People Don'T Know Our Love 5/24/2009

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A Beautiful Stripper Girl

Im a beauty yes in deed
Men empty out they wallets
Just to take a peak

And no I don't come cheap
im not for sale
But I guess my body mite as well be

I make women jealous
cause their boyfriends love us

But its really not my fault.
See stripping is my hustle,
and its all I been taught.

I don't know nothing else that make me money like this,
So please don't judge me
Im just tryna feed my kids.

It was a summers night
And The boys where thirsty for girls,
I gave a lap dance to this fat guy with jery curls
He said if I ...

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The One

Some say the one is someone who'll never make u cry
Some say when u find that person don't let them pass by
I say love is like a pair of sissors when apart still together and together a greater force
True love should not be determined by my beauty but by my charm my safest place is me sitting on your lap with u holding me tight in your arms
So when people ask are u the one for me its yes with out a doubt
Every time I speak of u I feel my whole heart pouring out
And u never make me cry wh

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