Lee Ann Schaffer Poems

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Hades To Persephone

Tell me that you weren’t hungry that day.
Tell me that’s not what got you to stay.
Seven seeds don’t seem like quite enough
Reason to leave a mother’s deep love.

A Teacher's Prayer For The Lost Children

The child who hides behind laughter
The child who reaches out with tears
The child who no one looks after
Who runs away when someone nears

Growth, Overgrowth, Undergrowth

</>A vine grew up around me.
It sounds fantastical, I know, but
It's true.
At first I liked it:

Mean Mistress Moon

My head had howled
With the words whirling
Through it that night
As we sailed swiftly

Spider's Song

Within a small spider's dream
Are we what to us we seem?
Do we really matter much?
Are we gods he longs to touch?

Butterfly On Bruise

Sapphire on midnight
On wings that waltz,
Polka, two-step, and jig
Then land on my arm

We Shall Be

We shall be
Sea and strand:
No matter
Changing tides,

Stolen Dreamer

It drifts gently down on the tips of your ears
Then feather floats inside:
The beckoning whisper.

Craving Amnesia

I wish I couldn’t remember

The resonance of your voice,
Your silly laugh,

Hanging Toes

Standing on the edge of a cliff;
Toes hanging over the edge;
Ahead, a view that reaches in
To grab all breath away;

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