We Shall Be Poem by Lee Ann Schaffer

Lee Ann Schaffer

Charleston, South Carolina, US

We Shall Be

Rating: 4.8

We shall be
Sea and strand:
No matter
Changing tides,
Raging storms,
Shifting sands,
Ever altering coastline.

Never the same,
Never one unit,
Yet never parted;
Always ourselves,
Always aligned;
We shall be
Strand and sea.

Lee Ann Schaffer 08 April 2005

The strand in 'We Shall Be' can't be explained without the sea. The point of the poem is that the ocean is always with the beach. They can't be separated, and they define each other. They aren't each other; they could never be the same. They have to maintain their individuality in order to remain aligned. There also has to be a balance even though things may shift from one place to another. This for me is a metaphor for the ideal in a relationship. A person should not try to change the other into a reproduction of himself or herself. Likewise, a person shouldn't try to relinquish their own SELF to become just like the other person. When either of those take place, it's a huge step toward failure in a relationship. Things may shift back and forth, there may be troubles that arise; but in the end, as long as they maintain their individual selves, they can stay together. I actually wrote that when I was in what I thought at the time was an ideal relationship. Obviously... what did I know.

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Robert Hall 04 April 2005

Wow, That was good, I need to remember this for when I get older. (ha, ha, ha) But realy you can write. And you said I was good, look at your poems in general. Even though some I couldnt understand, some I sure can. And if I get confused I have a friend like you to ask. Robert

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Candice Williams 27 March 2005

Strand and sea. Interesting words-I have to ask what does the strand mean to you? I like this poem- but I'm just curious. -C.R.W

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Lee Ann Schaffer

Charleston, South Carolina, US
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