Lee Janes Poems

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Sit Down, Take A Seat

Sit down, take a seat, and hear me;
If you are comfortable tell me?
For I shall begin with words to soften
Your heart, which I wish to own.

You Weave A Web

You weave a web of pure emotion around my heart,
When I am holding you, I swear I'm bathing in silk.
I eternally thank whoever crossed our paths,
For I am undeniably joyous that I found you, my dove.

My Unbroken Chain

My unbroken chain, mingling heart with heart.
You I cherished, embracing with all my heart and soul,
As though a virgin bride; even as Elm loves vine,
Sharing coeval branches, twined foliage,

The Mighty Atlas

The mighty Atlas, father of those seven sisters,
Bears the weight of heaven on his broad shoulders.
And even one of the brothers three, lives eternal;
In Chaos realms, Tartarus' black abyss, in which

Strength In This Green Abyss

Strength in this green abyss my poet give me,
Endurin' stale air mashed with ticks of time
Who still tombed beneath my mind with plea,
Beg, release, carry thee through field's sublime.

Within A Room

Within a room that shows me my breath,
Hairs stand alert on awoken skin,
My reddened eyes from last night's sin
Cause a smile, spreading illusion of death;

Due Care Towards Dismay'D Vain

Due care towards dismay'd vain,
Flattering smile of mine fake in disguise,
Humbled pledges gather love again,
Take leave, fly, depart happy my prize.

'Tis I, Your Bee

‘Tis I, your Bee, whom graciously implores your thanks,
In which your sweet vision resides within my memory.
A pure star twinkling bright as any of those fiery lamps,
And with delicate tongue I write to you, my muse Emily,

As Mother Earth Revolves

As Mother Earth revolves,
As time immeasurable flows,
As the great Zephyr wind blows,
Until sheer beauty, delivers our souls.

Again, Hello

Again, hello my smooth tender Suffolk maid,
What do you have there in your woven basket?
Would you like to listen to a dainty rhyme I made?
If with a lovin' pinch of salt I ask it?

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