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Lee Janes Poems

1. Down My Cheeks 12/24/2012
2. Fling Wide 12/24/2012
3. To Cheer You Up 12/24/2012
4. Fresh Morning Leaves 12/24/2012
5. Brando 12/24/2012
6. As With Now My Aged Right Hand 12/24/2012
7. Around, The Fiery Source 12/24/2012
8. Xmas Ditty 12/25/2012
9. High Upon The Mountain 12/25/2012
10. How I Would 12/25/2012
11. How Shall I Start 12/25/2012
12. Human Senses 12/25/2012
13. He Sits There Warm 12/25/2012
14. I Split That Magic 12/25/2012
15. Impossible To Touch 12/25/2012
16. Heart 12/25/2012
17. Is There A Worse Time? 12/25/2012
18. Let Me Count 12/25/2012
19. Let Me Tell You 12/25/2012
20. Let Naught But Kind Words 12/25/2012
21. Let Us, My Dove 12/25/2012
22. Now I Know Its Your Birthday 12/25/2012
23. Mundane Mind 12/25/2012
24. Many A Path 12/25/2012
25. Pluck Two Feathers 12/25/2012
26. Within A Room 12/23/2012
27. Due Care Towards Dismay'D Vain 12/23/2012
28. 'Tis I, Your Bee 12/23/2012
29. As Mother Earth Revolves 12/23/2012
30. Again, Hello 12/23/2012
31. My Argument Is This 12/25/2012
32. Hello My Radiant White Rose 12/25/2012
33. Raining Violets 12/26/2012
34. Reids B'Day 12/26/2012
35. So When Can My Sassy Smile 12/26/2012
36. Statius, Sweet Poet 12/26/2012
37. Jimi 12/28/2012
38. Emily, If You Were Mine 12/28/2012
39. O Baba Reid 12/28/2012
40. Swirling Circles 12/28/2012

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Best Poem of Lee Janes

Kitchen Angel

Hey, my kitchen angel,
Eyes of ocean blue,
Dream from the depths of sleep,
True vision of sweet you.

My time is free tomorrow,
The day I clear have off.
My prying glance you may notice,
As I grab from our staff trough.

Your break I want
Your time I need!
Spare no extra minutes,
To these twats you must feed!

Now, i'd love to see you beforehand,
For me, it would bring total bliss.
Pics of your night with a diva,
Long for, I do, from the girl I'll miss.

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'Tis I, Your Bee

‘Tis I, your Bee, whom graciously implores your thanks,
In which your sweet vision resides within my memory.
A pure star twinkling bright as any of those fiery lamps,
And with delicate tongue I write to you, my muse Emily,
For my wearied creative air, your gentle breath revamps.
‘Twas in heaven where I believed sole divinity dwelt,
Until my eyes welcomed waves lap upon their shore;
Never have my veins flowed as swift nor my heart felt,
A blazing white beauty my caress does wish to

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