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1. First Lunge Pre Medical 12/9/2012
2. The Dog Has A Quasi Apple 12/9/2012
3. Capitalism Is Noise 12/9/2012
4. Treasure From Automatic 12/9/2012
5. Women Who Read Poems 12/9/2012
6. The Drunks 12/10/2012
7. The Three Powers 12/10/2012
8. The Right Shadow 12/9/2012
9. One Universe 12/10/2012
10. My Three Works 12/11/2012
11. To Find Peace 12/11/2012
12. A Man Of Peace 12/11/2012
13. Release 12/11/2012
14. The Battle Field 12/11/2012
15. Remedy For The Actors 12/11/2012
16. The Girl At The Organ 12/13/2012
17. The Write Light 12/13/2012

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The Dog Has A Quasi Apple

here have it
(I suppose she smiled)
fruit is nice isn't it my lad
sniff sniff
change of beds
Adam you silly fool

11: 03pm

dishes half done


and we eat and eat and eat
then we shit and shit and shit
in, out
whats it all about being alive Eve?

and I will wake up one day and I will be surrounded by useless things
you buy them for 'this' much, then sell them for 'this' much
well done
apples or oranges?
Eve shakes her head


so you like money and buying things? ...

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Women Who Read Poems

women, those objects of objection
its a mind worth loving
it isn't breasts
it isn't legs
its their minds

can you have it all

and the scenesters

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