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Violet, creeping jasmines
With green, rising fingers,
Tuning the yellow violin,
Sitting on the blue heaven

Inside a long glass,
Updside down,
The ant moves silently
Up and down

When I see your sea
And finger the rest of sand,
I feel you in my land
Your salinity

On a silk rug
A group of ants
Scurrying arround each other
Found a seed

Either the poet is vain or the poems awkward
Nobody reads them willingly
May laughing at a poem be sweeter than bitter silence
Enjoying writing and reading by herself,

I am writing to you, flowing time,
Cross the night sooner than the sunset
And the noon ahead of dawn
You run before my eyes to see nothing

The tablecloth on the ground
Gathered a big family together
Loaves of bread and bowls of broth
In front of the children

The Best Poem Of Leila Taghavi

The World

A rose with thorns
And a teasel with flowers
Build a thorny-rose world

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Leila Taghavi Popularity

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