Lenny Orlando Camacho

Freshman - 540 Points [Antonino Rodriguez]

Lenny Orlando Camacho Poems

1. Inclination 8/31/2013
2. Interlude 8/31/2013
3. Empty Spaces 8/31/2013
4. Where's Hope? 9/4/2013
5. I'Ve Awaken 9/4/2013
6. He Said 9/8/2013
7. A Shadow At The Door 9/10/2013
8. Steady 9/12/2013
9. Essay On Freedom 9/22/2013
10. Fossil Man 9/24/2013
11. A Peaceful Song 10/1/2013
12. For The Sake Of Freedom 9/13/2013
13. There Have Been Many Skies 10/1/2013
14. The I In Future 10/6/2013
15. Letter To A Girl Friend (A Road Of Haikus) 10/11/2013
16. I Always Think Of Freedom 10/18/2013
17. A Toast 10/24/2013
18. Mostly... (Unfinished Poetry Collection) 10/25/2013
19. The Same Song For Every Night 10/26/2013
20. Finish Your Drink And Go 10/27/2013
21. An Exodus (And Unfinished Story) 11/1/2013
22. Of Her Hair 2/4/2014
23. This Day Is Bored 5/20/2014
24. The Waiting 5/21/2014
25. In The Mirror 5/29/2014
26. The Numbers 6/8/2014
27. Unfortunate Enlightenment 6/23/2014
28. It's The Whys That Makes Us Suffer 9/14/2014
29. Bad Self 9/15/2014
30. Untruthful Self 9/15/2014
31. Untouched 9/18/2014
32. Look At This City 9/21/2014
33. Sometimes Is The Emotions That Get A Hold Of Me 9/25/2014
34. My Soul Is Crying And I Am Not 9/28/2014
35. Brown Bloom In A Quiet Ocean 10/12/2014
36. What If I Can Fly 10/18/2014
37. 1 [tears] (Neverending Poetry - Personal Collection) 10/25/2014
38. [homebound I Step Forward] 6/22/2015
39. Small Pieces Of Me 6/29/2015
40. See The Water 9/14/2014

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  • Rochish Mon Rochish Mon (9/5/2013 12:12:00 AM)

    nice write. keep at it.- rochishmon

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Best Poem of Lenny Orlando Camacho

This Is What Life Is...

There are so many things I do
that I do not want to do
There are so many things I want to do
that I am not doing
there is little time left on my sand clock
I guess I can use it for regrets
and to think of possibilities that will never be
one last grain of sand
I could've done more
I should've had the courage to...
one last breath
it was a good life, but it could've been better
Death befalls me
the game board is placed before my eyes
I was just a pon
adopting behaviors they provoked
adopting their 'dreams' as mine
accepting blind fears as facts...

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Looking out some window
at some random flying birds,
I started to think
how great it would be
to be one of them,
to be free,
to roam the sky
by day and by night.
While I kept on looking and wishing,

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