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There are so many things I do
that I do not want to do
There are so many things I want to do
that I am not doing

I guava tree, furnished gently by the sun,
in summertime this tree had become my fun,
my home, my hideaway, my brother, my all:
The rippen fruit gave me strength, gave me love.

Looking through my ersatz drapes
beyond the world of flesh and bones
beyond the world of love and hate
beyond my dreams and hopes

look closely
there's something
something you hadn't seen before

at night
what is that I hear outside?

heavy eyelids

WHAT is happening with life?
What with me?

I'm free,

I reached over for my watch,
however, I don't have a watch.
I had a watch before.
I remember.

FEAR is the millstone, and confidence is the grain,
that we, willingly, place under the millstone's weight.

What if we do? , what if we don't? , we'll never know

Clouds hovering over town
just barely above the steeples
and the rooftops and the treetops
just barely above it all


My world is water
two beads of water form my eyes
an eye of water is my heart
a constant wave of salty motion is my tongue

The morning wakes with a sunny smile,
with the giggly song of birds and wind
it brings with it; with the smell of oceans
and the taste of bread, with a mist of coffee,

Poetry is
a smile painted into words
eyes described as magical doors
lips turned into fountains of love

Most of my childhood
memories are
a lot of day-dreaming
spiced up

SEE the water? there's the water
it's a river, an ocean, a lake, a pond, a tear
see it there? over there! that's the water
it's ingrained deeply into the universe

Sing a song
that leaves me for deaf
a firey tune
that burns my heart

The pencil is always calling me;
the words are always forming like a storm;
they push me on to that blank safety
where I can always jump cry be happy and morn;

My lips are wanting a kiss from yours,
a touch of madness that most call love.
My lips are wanting to say your name,
to touch your skin and burn with it.

Today was just another day
in which I ate and drank and worried
(as opposed to some Holy words I once read) :
I also prepared for lasting til tomorrow;

We are as free
as soap bubbles in the wind;
no less no more

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Poetry. Coffee. Pizza. I am all these and a tiny bit more. I am a surrogate parent to these bolts of lightning we dare call poems.

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This Is What Life Is...

There are so many things I do
that I do not want to do
There are so many things I want to do
that I am not doing
there is little time left on my sand clock
I guess I can use it for regrets
and to think of possibilities that will never be
one last grain of sand
I could've done more
I should've had the courage to...
one last breath
it was a good life, but it could've been better
Death befalls me
the game board is placed before my eyes
I was just a pon
adopting behaviors they provoked
adopting their 'dreams' as mine
accepting blind fears as facts of the future
educated for failure
forced to betray and abandon myself
this is what life is and has been, I think, at least for most of us

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Rochish Mon 05 September 2013

nice write. keep at it.- rochishmon

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