Leonid Gonzalez

Rookie (05/06/1977 / Laredo, Tx)

Leonid Gonzalez Poems

1. In The Shadow Of Life 1/20/2010
2. Here To Stay 1/20/2010
3. The Little Horn Speaks 1/20/2010
4. Doors 1/20/2010
5. Why 1/20/2010
6. The Rantings Of Love 1/20/2010
7. Love Consuming 1/20/2010
8. Sweet Meloncholy 1/20/2010
9. The Eternal Twins: Love And Hate 1/20/2010
10. Love Conquers 1/20/2010
11. Born To Die 1/20/2010
12. The Fate Of Time 1/20/2010
13. The Death Of Me 1/20/2010
14. Under The Sea Of Stars 1/20/2010
15. Vindicare 5/22/2011
16. Odius 5/22/2011
17. The Requiem Of The Flies 5/22/2011
18. The First Mother 5/22/2011
19. When Trees Cry 5/22/2011

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Best Poem of Leonid Gonzalez

Here To Stay

In the time of May
The living dance upon
My grave
Some how Through The darkness
I lost My way

Their thunderous foot
Steps Don't show me the way
From underneath My Casket of
jewels The man in white comes
My way

His rough hands grab
my face He whispers
in my ear 'you are
Here to stay.'

As he drags me down
Along the way.
I look around and pray

How many souls have
Lost their way.
isn't it Funny what
it takes to Make us pray

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In your golden age, you lose your self for things that can not be yours
The man in white whispers in your ear, 'A small price to pay for something that you don't use... anyway' and shows you many doors
They all slowly creek open and you look about for more

'take your pick' as the man in white slowly waves his ivory stick
You look through the first door and see riches piled thick
You look back at the man in white and smile a greedy smile
Your greed starts to froth at your mouth and you sp

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