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ON dry land I drowned, the only
Smile I have is a frown and I cut
Myself in vein

In the time of May
The living dance upon
My grave
Some how Through The darkness

In a white room I stand
With the man in white
I see him talk but hold
My ears tight.


In your golden age, you lose your self for things that can not be yours
The man in white whispers in your ear, 'A small price to pay for something that you don't use... anyway' and shows you many doors
They all slowly creek open and you look about for more


Why oh why?

As I look down at my
Feet in shame

I scream my love to you

I ask for limitless love
But can't return it

Thoughts of you consume me
Hold power over me every
Second of the day

-The sweet melancholy of Ana Olvera
As told by someone who actually was there

Sometimes you just don't have enough

It consumes without regard
It shape without regard
It bends you to its will
We are helpless in its power

We were born before the stars
We ran wild and free. what this
World holds we have yet to see

We are born to die
We will never leave
This world alive

The worst invention is
Time for without it my
World would be sublime

I died for the first time, I know
Naught what I left behind
I stand with death in the
shadow of Heavens divine

If I was lost no one could find me but you
To me all maps point only to you
I know naught the things I do when I am
Without you

In a dream the sweetest voice
Calls my name with the power
Of a storm. “ you there who
Upon my body you roam.”


I have lived forever and I am all alone
My soul can't rest, I am the unknown
How my hearts breaks it can't take it anymore
I wait for death at my life's shore

The rain is crashing upon my face
Its like God is trying to wash away my pain
I look down upon the puddles of mud
Thinking about all the things I have done

Deaths’ scythe is singing, death is a calling
My light is gone, my star has fallen
She called my name like we were lovers
Before I knew it the dream was all over

Why oh why didn’t I die
I have danced with death
Oh so many times,
I truly believe my time is nigh

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i discovered life for the first time, it was like an unvieling of my senses. i looked around for the first time and saw that there is alot going on in this world. my world expanded and i have a knew horizon before me. there are alot of people n this world who have words in them waiting to come out but sadly they don not allow themselves to be heard. i hope to never fall into that catergory again. My life is a blur. I am chasing the time allotted to me, it is always just beyond my reach. What would I do if I ever caught up to it? I would slow it down, I would chain it down with atlas's chains that bind him. Alas my time is finite and as such life is so much sweeter that way, but yet so bitter. How many poets would be inspired to write a verse if their life would be infinite. What style, what kind of verse would God write I ponder. Better yet we, life, nature this universe is His poem.)

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In The Shadow Of Life

ON dry land I drowned, the only
Smile I have is a frown and I cut
Myself in vein

The deepest cut is the one you can't see
The scabs are not the reality,
the pain you Feel in this world is of
things that weren't Meant to be

I feel sad and forgotten, discarded and rotten
And I cant stand the sight of me. My sorrow
Was to deep and I wont be here on the morrow
Soon you will see

Why must you share your pain with me
Why must I turn myself inside out, for
You just to pretend to be me

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Leonid Gonzalez Popularity

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