Leria Hawkins

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Leria Hawkins Poems

1. Love Waits The Lonely Skies 10/3/2011
2. Walk On By 11/17/2011
3. I Choose Fire 11/17/2011
4. Up, Up And Away 11/17/2011
5. His Counterfeit Life 11/18/2011
6. I Cling No More 11/24/2011
7. Anomalies 1/11/2012
8. Eulogy At Midnight 1/11/2012
9. A Sacrifice Of Honey 1/11/2012
10. A Deeper Shade Of Gray 1/14/2012
11. It Takes Two To Tango 1/14/2012
12. Burn Baby Burn 1/15/2012
13. Don Juannabe 1/15/2012
14. Brine And Bone 1/20/2012
15. Flash And Flame 1/20/2012
16. Take The Fire 1/20/2012
17. It Failed To Be 2/3/2012
18. Time Can'T Change This Heart O'Mine 2/3/2012
19. A Cardinal Bright 2/3/2012
20. A Chat With My Heart 2/3/2012
21. Pulling Out The Shards 2/12/2012
22. Midnight Kisses 2/12/2012
23. Broken Branches 2/12/2012
24. Waiting To Become 2/12/2012
25. Beauty And The Beast 2/17/2012
26. Lay Down In Ashes 2/20/2012
27. Damp And Dewy 2/20/2012
28. Shake It Off 2/21/2012
29. No Place To Hang A Hat 2/24/2012
30. Here's To Gracious Endings 2/24/2012
31. Tinsel Tease 3/16/2012
32. Burned Up, Burned Out, I'Ve Let It Go 3/16/2012
33. Treat It Well, Sweet Lover 3/16/2012
34. The Indelible Word 4/13/2012
35. Thread Lightly As You Go 4/13/2012
36. Not Until I'M Happy 4/13/2012
37. Who's Skin Is It Anyway? 4/20/2012
38. You'Ll Be The Death Of Me - A Mother's Rant 4/24/2012
39. Go Home, Sweet Lover, Go Home To Your Wife 4/27/2012
40. Anatomy Of A Player 4/29/2012
Best Poem of Leria Hawkins

Skin Deep

Who would think a rose so sweet
Would dry and crumble at my feet
And blooms that scent my night and day
Would steal my heart, then fade away

With petals soft and fondly red
Sweet essence fills my addled head
Then turns to dust before my eyes
Leaving naught, but my surprise

Who would think such thorny vine
Could lift a blossom as divine
And by the stem on which it stands
Could so wrong my offered hand

Such strength and beauty is rarely true
A blessing owned by very few
As 'neath the soil, in winters keep
There sleeps a rose to tear my ...

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His Counterfeit Life

His beasts grow hungry
Breaking free, the cages of his soul
Wind spirits breathe the secrets of fire
As naked flesh rises in the stir
She’s calling, calling…soft as snowflakes
Coaxing desires from stone cold ash
Voices…thick in whispers, claw at his door
Wisdom succumbs to the licking of flames
Passion…transformed by persuasion,

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