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I see you in my rear view, as you settle to make the call
Covering the delay, with a well-worn blanket of lies…

Who would think a rose so sweet
Would dry and crumble at my feet
And blooms that scent my night and day
Would steal my heart, then fade away

Show Mercy, My Dear
Date: July 27,2020

Man of my pain

Once and often, my mother said
Don't let flattery fill your head
A spoon of sugar is scarce enough
To give for free, such special stuff

Date: February

I dream only of you...

Ode To My Fruitless Dreams
Date: January 6,2016

My pencil rattles, my passions scream

I’ve Come To Understand
Date: August 14,2015

After so many years,

Don Juannabe
Date: February 10,2011

Blowing restless across the globe

March 15,2016

Susan, Susan…I Must Confess
Date: April 27,2016

Susan, Susan...I must confess

Date: October 14,2020
By:Leria Hawkins

I closed the door, turned off the light

Will there ever be a place in your heart
Or is this thing, just fire and sparks
A burn that's held me, decades long
How can it flame, and still be wrong

Up one night with bloodshot eyes
Who wants a shake, who wants some fries
I surfed the waves, stopped to swim
The light was on, but now it’s dim

Tin Man
Date: August 6,2014

It was winter when I found you

Date: August 4,2021
By: Leria Hawkins

Deny me the perfume that you wear

And this is how it is with true love
I invite you into my open spaces
Give free reign to explore and fill my deep dark crevices
Touch me; mold my passion to fit your dreams
I ask nothing in return

Date: November 9,2021
By: Leria Hawkins

The book, wide open


Date: February

I wish you could stay

Ode To My Gumption (Or Lack Thereof)
Date: January 20,2012

I’ve written more prose, rhyme and drivel than I care to think

I'll Leave It Alone
Date: February 8,2015

I do not weep in sorrow

Leria Hawkins Biography

Not much to say. Love to read poetry althought I must admit, much of it is over my head. Tried my hand at writing poetry a few years back and although my writing have little artistic value, I've grown to love it just the same. I hope you'll take the time to read a few and post any comments you may have. Thanks.)

The Best Poem Of Leria Hawkins

A Mistress To Her Lover

I see you in my rear view, as you settle to make the call
Covering the delay, with a well-worn blanket of lies…

What is it? ...ten seconds out the door
You’ve a hand on the phone, and a foot on the floor
Just ten seconds more, I’ll be out of sight
You’ve revved the engine, for a hasty flight

You scrub the shine from your cheek
Check the mirror…a cool critique
Hand press those wrinkles across your chest
Better hurry now, and look your best

You skillfully disguise the walk of shame
She’s yet to learn your cheating games
Run…comb your hair, brush your teeth
Quick…rinse your mouth, before you speak

Your dinner’s ready, it’s had to wait
She patiently lingers to warm your plate
It looks divine, it smells delish
But you’ve done had your favorite dish

You groan and grumble about your day
It’s work, work, work…no time for play
She’s blind to the guilt that rings your eyes
The fading stains, the half-zipped fly

She can’t read your thoughts, or your wicked mind
In her world, the stars are still aligned
She doesn’t fret or call you out
She oblivious to how you troll about

You’re careful to keep her in the dark
She’s a stranger to the lascivious shark
She’s your only fish, as far as she can see
She doesn’t know about you…(or me)

She’ll wash and rinse while you retire
Happy to be, your maid for hire
Who wants her life, all things considered
I’d much rather see you…in my rear view mirror

Copyright © 2013 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

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Zoila T. Flores 11 July 2014

Well, Love is something we can digest and yet we know how to swallow it.

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Susan Lacovara 01 October 2013

Thank you for commenting on my work, as I consider all poets I meet through this forum new friends. I have read some of your poetry as well, and find we have lots of emotions in common. I applaud that you write primarily for the simple love of writing. I do too...You have a lovely manner of expressing yourself...and I look forward to discovering more of your poems. PEACE

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Howard Johnson 28 September 2006

If you haven't read Sandra Hamrick, , There is a great tallent to be discovered....

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