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1. Burned 12/24/2008
2. Keep Dreaming On 12/24/2008
3. Pain 12/24/2008
4. Bang 12/24/2008
5. A Little Bird 12/24/2008
6. Ready, Set, Die 12/24/2008
7. Feelings 12/24/2008
8. They Always Say 12/24/2008
9. Dreams 12/9/2008
10. Dream Catcher 12/9/2008
11. Always Think 12/9/2008
12. Without 12/9/2008
13. Pure Pressure 12/10/2008
14. What Is It? 12/10/2008
15. Hidden Message 12/24/2008
16. Dead End 5/3/2009
17. Second Thoughts 12/24/2008
18. Scars And Memories 12/10/2008

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Scars And Memories

(to people who feel this way)

To my razor
The one who made my scars
On my no-so clean skin
Have gone deep and way to far.

To my lighter
The one who made my blisters
They hurt and go pop
Now my skin is in a huge twister.

To my cigarette
The one who damaged my lungs
I can't stop coughing
And there's no where to run.

To my beer
The one who damaged my brain
Feeling how hard it hit me
I'm left in the hail and rain.

To my Mom
The one who gave me birth
To always remember her
She will always be the first.

To my ...

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Dream Catcher

Why do people dgive up so easily?
Why do we run and scream?
Like a coward i used to be,
But now I love to catch my dreams.

You know how they say 'chase your dreams'?
I don't do that with my special dreams,
Because my favorite part,
Is when i catch my special dreams.

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